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Mike Cutler’s Medical Cannabis Testimony

Mike Cutler's Medical Cannabis Testimony

Video Credit: United Patients Alliance

Mike Cutler was 63 years of age when he had end-stage cancer. He was given a large bag of morphine and was told by his doctors to go home so that he could die in the comfort of his own home. Mike was bedridden, and his wife was his carer. Mike explains that the morphine turned him into a “babbling idiot”. He explains that “it was like being in a very dark mist, but in all of the dark places, there was a little bit of light”.

Mike Tries Rick Simpsons CBD Oil

Mike said that he wasn’t ready to die. He came across Rick Simpsons video on YouTube and how he extracted oil from the cannabis plant that was used as a cancer treatment. Mike was eventually able to find cannabis oil, and within three days, he took himself off the morphine drip.

Mike went to the doctors and told him that he was taking cannabis oil. The doctor was interested as to why Mike wasn’t suffering from withdrawal symptoms. After a few months pass, Mike informs us that he was still taking the medical marijuana every day.

The Signs That MIke was Getting Better Using CBD

Mike started to cough up a lot of blood. This worried him and his wife, so he went back to the doctor. The doctor took a sample and told Mike that it wasn’t blood. He wasn’t sure what it was. Mike was referred to the main hospital for a biopsy. Mike finally found out that what he thought was blood, was actually dead cancer cells.

3 to 4 months into taking medicinal cannabis, Mike went to the hospital to receive biopsy results. During his consultation, Mike asked the consultant if the cancer was still there. Mike was told that he was 100% cancer free.

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