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Medical Marijuana: The Ultimate Disease Defeating Drug

Medical Marijuana Defeating Disease

Credit: TEDx Talks

Viki Vaurora from the Great Legalisation Movement in India, shares his story of curing a cancer patient using Cannabis oil.

Lila, a girl who was on her deathbed due to a very advanced form of stomach cancer where her pylorus region was completely blocked with tumor cells was Viki Vaurora’s first patient to treat using cannabis oil. She was unable to eat anything due to vomiting anything she consumed. Within 3 days after having cannabis oil she had stopped vomiting completely. After a week she was able to consume the recommended amount of calories daily. After Viki Vaurora saw her improvements, he advised her to keep using the treatment and after three months, she was declared cancer free.

Vaurora explains that the cannabis plant has a very large historical background, especially in India, where the plant was used for over 10’000 years as medicine, clothes, rope and fiber.
Vaurora stated that Atharvaveda ranked the cannabis plant in the top 5 most sacred plants. And although India has thousands of years of history relating to this plant, Vaurora believes that the west is held responsible for banning cannabis around the world, because government couldn’t’ make easy money from it. Vaurora said

“The plant had become a threat to a lot of existing industries back then. The governments intentions of prohibition was nothing but to save their allies from the multi-billion dollar companies. Cannabis was banned and falsely propagated as a bad narcotic drug in the year 1937 India resisted to outlaw the use of cannabis plant”.

He uses Rick Simpson as an example as he is the founder, and first test patient to have used CBD oil to cure skin cancer, and that now 100’s of people have cured themselves by using CBD oil.

Viki Vaurora finishes his speech with

“in a very difficult world right now and I hope that we can actually use cannabis in the future to completely rejuvenate not just ourselves but also our society our world and our families and friends”.

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