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Minors and marijuana

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Makayla Calmstok is an 8 year old girl who takes massive doses of concentrated Tetrahydrocannabinol, to treat her leukemia.

Her parents found out that on Friday the thirteenth 2012, they found a mass on Makayla’s chest. They were also told by doctors that chemotherapy wasn’t helping her situation. As a result, the parents had to consider full body radiation and a bone-marrow transplant. Makayla’s parents felt that this wasn’t necessary.

The day after they were recommended full body radiation therapy, they gave Makayla her first dose of cannabis oil, 6 days later it was in full remission.

Makayla’s dose of cannabis, is the highest grade of medical marijuana, which is a third of an ounce (roughly ten bong hits). She takes this twice daily in a capsule form that come in different flavors. Makayla is on the highest legal dose because her treatment is about delivering the highest amount of THC that she can tolerate, including psychoactive properties. She takes this because it helps project the nerves that have been damaged through chemotherapy. She also takes other cannabis products like coconut butter lotion and “medicinal sweets”.

Makayla says that her medicine makes her sleepy, hungry, energized and happy.

Kevin Sabet, former Obama adviser Pharmacology and director of the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Florida states

that medical marijuana definitely has medical value but that we do not have that smoke, breathe or eat it to feel the desired effects. As far as things currently stand, Medical marijuana is considered a joke. It’s funny. You know, I do not smoke opium to feel the the effect of morphine. We needs to be separated, just like we did 100 years ago extract the opium from it’s recreational and medicinal properties. This definitely need to pursue.

For Makayla, cannabis is already a legitimate course of treatment.

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