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Joanne Crowther Treats Her Lymphoma With Cannabis Oil

Joanne Crowther Treats Her Lymphoma With Cannabis Oil

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Joanne Crowther was then diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and leptomeningeal disease. Without the strength to endure more chemotherapy or radiation, from previous attempts doctors couldn’t help her anymore and sent her home to die, they said that her liver was less than 30%, and once it reached that stage, it would never heal. She was distraught, so Joanne was forced to try an alternative treatment, CBD oil.

Cannabis Oil Dosing Joanna Took For Treatment

Joanna was taking 1 gram of oil a day, and in two weeks she noticed beneficial effects and 2 months later when she went for a check up, she was in remission and her liver was 100%.

From her experience with cannabis oil, she’s began public speaking about its medicinal benefits. She believes that the government almost killed her, because although cannabis has been proven to cure cancer, she states that they are hiding it from the public. During the time when she began to speak publicly about medicinal cannabis, she lost her job, and was unfit to pay for her weekly dosage of CBD oil.

Joanna View on Cannabis Oil Treatment

Joanne said:

“I’m fighting for my life I want to live and the government wants to kill me. I’m gonna become a criminal I’m gonna grow my own pot I’m gonna make my oil if they want to charge me they basically are gonna write my death sentence because they throw me in jail I will not be able to get the oil“.

Crowder, who owns his own medicinal cannabis shop said:

“we work with private labs that do this type of work but to expect someone who’s a patient to do this on their stove at home is ridiculous talking about a medicine that couldn’t save their life ridiculous but necessary”.

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