I Secretly Gave My Son Cannabis to Save His Life: This Morning | cannabisMD

I Secretly Gave My Son Cannabis to Save His Life: This Morning

I Secretly Gave My Son Cannabis to Save His Life | This Morning

a thumnbail showing Deryn and his mother being interviewed on the top of Langerhans cell sarcoma and his battle to fight it

Credit: This Morning

Deryn Blackwell was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 10 years old. Two years later, in 2012, Deryn was diagnosed with cancer known as Langerhans cell sarcoma, which is extremely rare (1 in 7 billion people) with only 5 people on the planet who have it.

The treatments that Deryn relied on where bone-marrow transplants and extensive chemotherapy which failed him. Deryn was on his last bone-marrow transplant which consisted of his own cells, but during the operation he had caught his fingers down the side of the bed, and with no, to little immune system, his body couldn’t fight a simple wound.

“He was literally been kept alive by antibiotics, that’s what they told us” Deryn’s mum expressed.

After four years of treatment and failure Deryn was happy to leave, and had planned his own funeral, but his mother was going to try and save his life. She had carried out research on her son’s cancer over the years that he had been diagnosed, and she had stated that cannabis was the one word that kept popping up.

70 days after Deryn went for his last bone-marrow transplant, they were told that there was nothing left in it, and they had to play the waiting game and increased Deryn’s morphine intake. Deryn’s mum gave him the cannabis treatment in secret, and Deryn after 75 days (5 days after his last bone-marrow transplant, doctors were amazed to see that he began to regenerate white blood cells again.

To test the theory, Deryn’s mum withdrew the cannabis treatment with Deryn, and the blood counts started to deteriorate again. Phillip Schofield asks Deryn, where he is at in his life now and Deryn replies with “perfectly healthy”.

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