How Cannabinoids Cause Cancer Cells to Die

How Cannabinoids Cause Cells to Die

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A Biochemist, Dennis Hill was given the diagnosis of aggressive Stage III adenocarcinoma. Dennis’s cancer was treated only with the use of cannabis oil (CBD Oil, or Cannabidiol). Dennis Hill hadn’t received any cancer-related treatment (i.e.radiation and/or chemo).

Dennis says that he starting taking CBD oil 9 months ago, and he took a drop of it a day. After three months of taking one drop a day, he went for an exam and was told that his tumor was reduced by half. He was asked by the interviewer where he has overdosed or hurt himself on it, and Dennis passionately explains that proven statistics have shown that nobody has died from taking CBD oil and that it is a very safe product. The only side effect that he had witnessed was sleepiness.

Dennis explains in simple terms how cannabinoids can kill cancer,

“The normal immune system works against cancer because our immune system makes cancer cells all the time but just when our DNA goes haywire you get an out of control cell and if it aggregates then it forms a tumor but it starts off as a single cell with an aberrant DN. The immune system knows about this and what it does is the endocannabinoid system which is part of the immune system goes to work on it. An interesting thing about cancer cells is that when a cell goes cancerous then an increase in the number of receptors on for cannabinoids increases in the cell so when the body’s own immune system senses this, then the endocannabinoid that the body uses mates with these receptors and stimulates the production of chemical called ceramide and ceramide is like the seal team it goes in and kills the target”.

Studies on cannabinoids have revealed that cannabinoids, especially THC has the ability to kill off cancer cells by, in simple terms, make bad/cancerous cells commit suicide.

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