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How and Why Does Cannabis Kill Cancer – The Science Explained

Cannabis Kills Cancer Science Explained

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“Seth research laboratories in California have recently demonstrated that in tumors cancer cells are killed by marijuana. While the other healthy cells are left untouched cells that. The ability of cannabinoids to kill bad cells while protecting healthy ones is particularly important when we’re talking about brain cancer. “

In the video, the voice over sahd that mice labs have been piling up evidence in relation to the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Manimal Guzman, a professor in molecular biology and biochemistry from Madrid Complutense University dedicates his research in how the active components of cannabinoids act in the body, and the action of understanding how cannabinoids control cell generation and death.

When testing on mice and rats, Manimal Guzma would inject THC in a mouse’s or rat’s brain that inhabited a tumour. The results showed significant amount of tumours reduced and/or disappeared in both mice and rats.Overall resulting in, the actual survival of rats and mice that would have died. Due to is breakthroughs in the research carried out and studies in medical cannabis, he is profoundly known.

People have a hard time believing and seeing that cannabis has amazing benefits in the medical industry due to the fact that it is taboo, even though it has been used as far back at 10’000 years.

The voice over said:

“this was an exciting discovery because the cb2 receptor can act like a target for the cannabinoids once they bind with the receptor they can tell the cancer cell to die”.

Dr. Nagger Kotti and his researchers were able to eradicate almost 100% of the cancer in test tubes and this is how and why cannabis can kill cancer. Lab results have been so promising that they are beginning medical trials on patients with leukemia.

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