Doctor Discusses Cannabis Ratios on Different Types on Cancer

dr christian Sanchez discusses how cannabis helps various cancer types

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In this video, DR Cristina Sanchez, a Ph.D. talks about THC and CBD ratios for treating various types of cancer.

She mentions how a cannabis oil high in CBD is better for breast cancer. Christina Sanchez is a professor of biochemistry at Complutense University in Madrid Spain and has been working studying the anti-tumor effects of cannabinoids for the last 15 years.

Dr. Sanchez Reports on Cannabinoids and Cancer Treatment

In preclinical models of cancer Dr. Sanchez and her team have a lot of anecdotal reports from people saying that they have cured cancer with cannabinoids but a from her medical community perspective she believes that they don’t have that evidence yet. The ratio of THC and CBD that one has to take to cure cancer might not necessarily be a 1:1 ratio. Dr. Shanchez continues to say that each individual, each cancer case and each patient needs a particular ratio of cannabinoids.

It’s important to keep an open mind on the topic of cannabis as a form of treatment as its still unclear whether or not it can be used to treat various forms of cancer. If you wish to use medical cannabis as a form of treatment for cancer, or any type of ailment or medical condition, make sure that you first consult a medical professional or your local doctor before doing so. They will be able to give you advice on dosing, cannabis strains and various methods you can use which are all very important when taking cannabis.

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