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Dad Gives Cannabis Oil to Toddler with Brain Cancer

Dad Gives Cannabis Oil to Toddler Battling Brain Cancer

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Cash Hyde is a two-year-old boy who was miss-diagnosed with mononucleosis (mono) or glandular fever until eventually, his parents brought him to the ER. In the ER, Cash Hyde’s parents were informed that the doctors discovered a 4.5-centimeter brain tumor. This resulted in the diagnosis of stage-four brain cancer.

Cash was immediately sent to surgery, where they found a tumor wrapped about his optic nerve, Cash’s dad explained that he was pretty much as sick as you could get before being put on your deathbed.

Treatment options for Cash Hyde

Cash had very little treatment options, other than chemotherapy, followed by stem cell rescue, followed by very high-dosing of chemotherapy, which had which had horrible side effects on Cash’s body and mental health. Some of the seizures from receiving chemo had left Cash brain damaged in parts of the brain, increasing his risk of death.

Cash was taking 120 milligrams a day of five different pharmaceutical drugs to try to make him comfortable. He had gone 40 days without eating and was vomiting up to 10 times per day.

Why Cash’s Parents Decided to Turn to Cannabis

Mike, Cash’s father, found his own relief in the form of a controversial oil from the cannabis plant. He said, “when your child is dying of cancer, you’ll do anything you can to help”. Mike told the doctors to wean Cash off the nausea cocktail, without telling them why. Almost overnight, Mike had seen improvements.

Not only has the cannabis oil made Cash feel better, but is that also helped all parts of the body, where it has prevented long-term damage to his organs. Cash went back to the hospital for a scan and was told that he was cancer free. His parents set up a foundation called the Cash Hyde Foundation, to help other children and young adults like him.

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