Breast Cancer Patient Treated with Cannabis Oil & Parp Inhibitor Drugs

Breast Cancer and Cannabis Oil

Image Credit: By Gorbash Varvara on Shutterstock

Video Credit: Cira Felina Bolla

This video was made by Cira who has breast cancer. She is in the doctor’s surgery with the doctor looking at her scans. The first scan we see is from March 5th at the time of her initial diagnosis. Then they do a comparison where they look at scans from November. The tumors appear to have reduced in size from March to November.

By August they are tiny nodule size lumps and She’s confident it has everything to do with the Cannabis she started taking. November than looking to the abdomen preparing August to November between these two this is August this is November correct between these two studies again a little change maybe even further interval improving on these little dots and spots the residual and this is lung correct or litter oh this is liver okay just incredible yeah its such a charming response and beautiful whatever it might be the triage MN or the cannabis oil, and by the way she’s pretty confident it at least had something to do with the cannabis oil.

So, now she’s making a point to spread the right word about the plant that she believes helped save her life. Cira is not the only person who has been using cannabis as a form of treatment for cancer. Many people such as Rick Simpson has been using cannabis to treat skin cancer, and he was able to fully cure himself of the disease with no other form of treatment.

While keeping in mind that cannabis seems to be a potential medicine for cancer, more in-depth preclinical and clinical studies are needed on the subject. This is because the side effects of cannabis are still relatively unknown. If you wish to use cannabis as a form of treatment for cancer, make sure that you seek medical, professional advice before doing so.

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