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Coincidence, Charisma, and Cannabis

Coincidence, Charisma, and Cannabis

A video thumbnail of David Tuttleman speaking at the Ted Talks

by David Tuttleman
Credit: TEDx Talks

David Tuttleman came to learn of the benefits of cannabis through his family. His sister was suffering from stage 4 cancer. It was cannabis that helped her deal with the pain and anxiety of her illness. Then he learned that his niece was taking CBD for her grand mal seizures.

This caused him to rethink what he had learned about cannabis. Something we should all look to do. He then met a father who was, illegally, treating his baby son with CBD as he went through chemo. The CBD was making a huge difference.

Since then David has decided to invest in a lab in Las Vegas that researches the benefits of CBD as a medicine. It was these experiences that made him get involved in the Healthcare business. Tuttleman’s story is an interesting one.

How a man with 30 years business experience in such diverse industries as real estate, restaurants and entertainment turned to the production of cannabis for medicinal use. This however is the main thrust of this video. The idea that we must all forget the propaganda we have been fed because cannabis can help people.

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