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Carrie Tice’s Testimonial about Cannabis CBD and Pain Management

Carrie Tice's Testimonial about Cannabis CBD and Pain Management

Credit: Octavia Wellness

In this video, Carrie Tice, from the United States, explains her journey with medical marijuana. It began two years ago when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She needed to have a surgical procedure called radical hysterectomy to remove the uterus which was full of tumors and cysts. Carrie asked her doctor if she could use cannabis as pain treatment during her recovery.
She had turned to use cannabidiol (CBD oil) as treatment due to her family’s history. In the past, Carrie’s family have had experiences with opiates and addiction.

Carrie went back to working as an executive in the video game industry, and as a result, she stopped her cannabis treatment because she feared that it would cause memory problems. Due to this, Carrie started to experience all of her hormonal and menopause symptoms.

Carrie went to her doctor who stated that it wasn’t possible to have delayed menopausal symptoms when you’ve had a surgical menopause hysterectomy. They asked if she had been doing something different. Carrie said, “well when I was recovering I was using cannabis as an alternative to pain medicine”. Her doctor suggested that she went to her dispensary to start taking medicinal cannabis again.

Carrie says “I don’t know what I would be like without it. It’s so important to me now”. She’s able to talk to other people and share her story, to help people, and for them to know that there are other alternatives. Once she shared her story, Carrie Said “people can see another face of cannabis. I think it’s very inspirational, it’s inspirational when I hear somebody’s journey so I try to do the same”.

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