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Is Cannabis a Treatment for Cancer?

Could cannabis be used to treat cancer? How?

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Cannabis is a naturally grown plant. This plant has been used for 10’s of thousands of years as a form of medicine. It’s likely that you’ve already heard about it, or you’ve heard of its nicknames due it being an illegal substance. However, in recent years studies on the plant have shown promising results on the plant being used as a potential form of alternative medicine.

THC and CBD – Chemical Compounds from The Cannabis Plant

This is because there are two chemical compounds out of over 100 that are known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). But how can these two chemicals help with treating cancer? Well, these two chemical compounds have been apart of preclinical and clinical trials.

All of which are for using the cannabis plant as a form of treatment for a wide range of ailments including cancer. Studies are suggesting the THC has the ability to kill off cancer cells (effectively like chemotherapy) – but without the side effects. Experts state that THC makes cancer cells “commit suicide”, while also keeping healthy cells, healthy, unlike chemotherapy and/or radiation which kills off all cells, good and bad.

Studies show that different cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) can stop cells from dividing and developing new blood vessels. While this sounds very promising, in some cases it has done the opposite.

People’s Testimonyies on Cannabis Treating Caner

One particular and famous testimony was a man named Rick Simpson who was suffering and battling with cancer. He had stopped all cancer treatment and turned to use Cannabis Oil (CBD Oil). He had used the oil for a few months, ritually and he started to see amazing benefits almost instantly. After his story got out, many people started using the Rick Simpsons Oil to help them, and Their testimonies have had the same result most of the time, whiles others have said that it hasn’t worked.

While it’s promising, we still need to tread carefully while keeping an open mind on the topic.

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