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Science Explains How Cannabis Could Kill Cancer

How cannabis can kill cancer, science explains

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We all have cells within our body. They can multiply and divide resulting in creation of new tissues, and other cells do neither. Genes known as oncogenes, can control the cell’s capability to divide and grow. There are also genes that do quite the opposite, known as tumor suppression genes, which tell a cell to stop its growth.

Cancer is essentially when the tumour suppression genes are shut off when they should be on, or when oncogenes are activated when they shouldn’t be. This can result in a mass increase in cells, taking the shape of tumours.

Survival Rate

Unfortunately, it is estimated that about 610,000 people in the United States will die from cancer in 2018 alone. Cancer is a torturous disease that has touched all of our lives in some form. If you haven’t had it yourself, you most likely know someone in your family, friends or co-workers that have. Statistics usually note that there is a 50/50 chance of surviving over 5 years once you have been diagnosed. For example, a patient that has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer has a 53% chance of being alive after 5 years.

Although this does not sound entirely optimistic, there are wonderful cases of people that have been given a 3 year timeline on their lives, have refused to believe that as their fate, and have beaten cancer entirely. Their determination to survive is always influential to anyone that hears their story. Some of theses lucky survivors, have accredited the help of cannabis to combat cancer.

How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

According to the video we have provided above, there is a huge amount of laboratory evidence that cannabiniods can kill cancer cells in a number of ways. We currently only know of chemotherapy and radiation to seriously combat cancer, but now that scientists are fully looking into the use that cannabis may have, it could be an alternative.

Cannabiniods can produce antiproliferative affects – which actually put a stop to cancer cells from reproducing. They can also prevent new veins that are needed to grow tumours, which is known as being an antiangiogenic. Including this, cannabis is also apoptotic which means that it encourages unhealthy cells to speedily seek its own death. This is crucial to studies as this means that cannabiniods can target the damaging cells, whilst leaving the healthy ones alone. The trouble with chemotherapy and radiation, is that it kills every kind of cell, regardless if the cells are healthy. This is why so many patients become fragile after treatments.

With the help of cannabis, cancer patients have also reported having a better appetite, a longer nights sleep, eased pain, stopped vomiting/nausea and eased their anxiety.

Scientists around the globe have been learning about the cannabis plant in regards to tackling cancerous cells for the past twenty years.

It can be said that if used safely and in high quality, cannabis oil could help your overall well being and standards of living when it comes to managing pain. For those that refuse to believe that there is an expiration on their lives when chemotherapy or radiation fail, cannabis can now be considered as possible alternative treatment.

With all diseases that cannabis can help to treat, it is still important to consult your doctor before taking any cannabis derived product. Much more research is needed to fully determine the future for the cannabis plant itself.

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