Cannabis as Preventative Medicine & Cannabinoid Cancer Treatments

Cannabis as Preventative Medicine & Cannabinoid Cancer Treatments

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Within the video attached above, Jason Wilcox (cannabis activist and creator of MMAR Against Repeal) interviews J.B Brad Scott, CEO of Cannabinoids Inc.

They discuss different stories of people that they know who were diagnosed with cancer and have used medicinal cannabis as a form of treatment for their diagnosis.

Rick Simpsons, swears by the cannabis oil he extracts,who speaks of curing skin cancer, cervical cancer and glaucoma and who has cured his own skin cancer through the use of CBD, commented under the video stating:

It’s good to know that at least some qualified individuals, are beginning to make sensible statements concerning the medicinal use of these extracts and in the near future, governments will no longer be able to deny their citizens from freely using these life saving cannabis extracts, to treat their own medical problems in a safe non addictive harmless way

J.B Brad Scott believes that CBD oil can be used as a preventative medicine, as he knows a cancer researcher, from one of the most prestigious cancer research institutes of the world, where prostate cancer ran in the family,. He had made sure that he had a good lifestyle but in spite of the healthy lifestyle he was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 months to live. He had turned to using CBD oil as a form of treatment for is cancer, and 6 months later he was cancer free. J.B Brad Scott says

He had written to the minister as he believes that the government is very short sighted and wanted the minister to view cannabis from a medicinal point of view, and claimed that he hadn’t received a response from her. He found it very discouraging as a person from that position, wouldn’t take the time to respond.

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