Cannabidiol and Cancer Symptoms – Improve Your Odds

Cancer symptoms nad treating them with Cannabidiol

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If the signs of skin cancer are detected early, and the cancerous tissue is removed, the five-year survival rate may be as high as 98 percent. But if a cancerous spot on the skin has metastasized and spread, that rate drops to a very dangerous 16 percent.

Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places. In this case, from pharmacologic compounds called cannabinoids, an oil extract or distillate from cannabis sativa–marijuana, in modern parlance. It is commonly viewed as a pain killer and a treatment to reduce inflammation. But, some researchers are scrutinizing it as also a novel strategy to treat cancer.

Researching CBS and Cancer

Researchers are exploring ways that cannabinoid oil (or CBD) can be used “to modulate apoptosis.” Apoptosis is programmed cell death, which is a mechanism the body uses to efficiently eliminate dysfunctional cells, in this case, cancerous cells with damaged DNA that should have been eliminated but continue to grow into a tumor.

CBD may therefore be an important “pharmacotherapy” that helps facilitate the immune system’s ability to kill cancer cells before they grow out of control and become fatal. One such study involving lung cancer in mice showed that cannabinoids inhibited tumor cell growth and prolonged the life of the subjects.

In other applications for such ailments as arthritis, high blood pressure and even multiple sclerosis, CBD oil’s contribution has been to reduce pain and inflammation. So, while CBD is still in preclinical trials for the treatment of cancer, and has not yet been found to “cure the disease,” it at least treats the symptoms–the discomfort that afflicts the patient.

Out of over one hundred different chemical compounds also known as cannabinoids, CBD (Cannabidiol) is found to be the most dominant and has the most potential. Although other smaller cannabinoids such as (CBT, CBN, CBV etc) may have more specific medical possibilities research into CBD leads the way.

This is mainly due to its anti-inflammatory possibilities and the medical potential for natural anti-inflammatories being used to treat a wide range of both major and minor conditions.

CBD can be extracted from either the hemp or cannabis plant and there are benefits between using either. CBD is easier to come by from the hemp plant because it is legal to grow due to its lack of the controlled substance THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Extracting CBD from the cannabis plant gives you access to the other wide range of cannabinoids it holds such as THC which also has medical potential.

It has been recorded in a number of research papers that the reason CBD is so good at acting as an anti-inflammatory is because it acts like a reinforcement to our own cannabinoids with our bodies which are called endogenous cannabinoids.

When we have an issue with inflammation our cannabinoids interact and in some cases bind with CB (cannabinoid) receptors within our bodies via the endocannabinoid system (a pathway used by cannabinoids, receptors and other proteins). In layman’s terms they bring balance to our bodies where we either have too much or too little of something.

For example if our body reacts to bacteria within our gut (IBS) or within our joints (arthritis) it may provide too much of a defense. This overreaction is what can cause pain and irritation and bringing this under control (NOT CURE) is what the cannabinoids from cannabis are being found to do.

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