Cancer Research is Shifting Greater Emphasis to Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer research showing cannabis is a natural cure

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Cell biology focuses on the cells as being the basic unit of life. As such, cells behave in harmony. Collectively cells extend life moment to moment. If a cell mutates, their inherent nature to prolong life is reversed. Cancer is a cellular phenomenon that corrupts cellular harmony. Some people claim cancer research is also corrupted. Cancer cure conspiracy has circulated for decades. In 1971 President Nixon responded with stiff opposition to a vote to make marijuana a medical option.

In December of the same year, Nixon declared war on cancer. 45 years have passed. More than half a trillion dollars has been injected into cancer research. And so far chemotherapy has a minimal success rate without a guarantee that cancer won’t return. Those are the characteristics of a long, successful, and profitable ruse. The problem with conspiracies is they are inherently riddled with emotional bullets of speculation. If cancer research is failing it means they are trying. The fact is cancer research has evolved our understanding of what it means to treat and cure cancer. Whether there is any truth to the conspiracies or not, we can all agree that cancer is the worst thing of all time. We are just burned out from seeing those we love to get wrecked. The growing emphasis on alternative medicines is the result of the slow progress of cancer research.

In part, that is why there is a shift in how we are collectively changing the way we are trying to cure cancer as individuals. Natural cures for cancer are being researched all the time in the lab and the home. Common cancers, such as breast cancer, are successfully treated with various natural remedies. Alternative medicines reduce the risk that the occurrence of a mutated cell will replace a cell at the end of the cell life cycle. Research shows ways to prevent and kill cancer with herbs. The marijuana plant synergizes well with human anatomy as an anti-cancer supplement. This puts marijuana as one of the most potent treatments we can leverage for our benefit. Meanwhile, we continue to hope for the best in cancer research.

Cancer and Disease

Cell behavior is holistic. That means cells work as the perfect team with one single goal—to continue living. In other words, liver cells perform their duties to keep you alive. Lung cells perform their duties to keep you alive. And blood cells perform their duties to keep you alive. Cell behavior reveals a process called apoptosis. The average human adult cycles through tens of millions of cells each day. Apoptosis is the programmed response of cells to get better or get out. Meaning, during the lifecycle of a cell, there will come a time when it no longer functions and will self-eliminate. Cells that self-eliminate provide space for a robust replacement. To illustrate a cell’s dedication to the greater good imagine yourself behaving as a cell at your place of employment. One day you recognize that the profitability of the company is compromised by your presence regardless of your best efforts. So you gracefully resign from your position and bow out. That is how cells behave inside your body. That is apoptosis.

If the replacement cell has a mutation, it is a cancer cell. Cancer cells do not conform to apoptosis. Instead, they linger and/or spread. Cancer cells proliferate out of control. That means they rapidly multiply in quantity. Clusters of cancer cells are called tumors. There are two types of tumors. Benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumors can spread to other organs and tissues in the body to form separate clusters of malignant tumors.

We have identified two problems with cancer cells. First, as rogue cells they do not behave harmoniously They multiply in clusters that crowd healthy cells causing tumors. Second, cancer cells have a strong tendency to spread to neighboring organs or systems in the body. That process is called Metastasis. In Greek, Metastasis means removal from one place to another. An example of metastasis is when cancerous breast cells spread to the lungs and new tumor forms. That introduces the complications of breast cancer cells that move and make their home among lung tissue cells.

It is unfortunate that various medical modalities attempt to appear as mutually exclusive. This article won’t go into the web of economic variables that contribute to the famous medical paradigm. But the commission checks that pharmaceutical companies give to Oncologists feeds the capitalist element. Everything has its price, financial or otherwise. Chemotherapy and other radiation therapy have an absurd cost, but as a cancer treatment, it is an option. Nuking cancer with cancer-causing chemicals is a standard treatment packed with severe side effects. It’s a good example of fighting fire with fire.

Chemotherapy does have justifiable claims of victory. Just ask cancer survivors who have been through chemo. Chemotherapy has become more personalized than ever before. Cancer research has progressed how chemotherapy is administered in unique doses based on many variables. Deciding to use chemotherapy treatment is a delicate process reserved for those afflicted.

Once cancer is diagnosed, conventional medicine attempts to remove or kill it before it metastasizes. A patient diagnosed with cancer is the audience to which conventional medicine provides options. Natural medicine speaks to the importance of a preventive lifestyle to keep cancer cells from mutating. With natural medicines, cancer patients need to begin right away to adopt behaviors that bring the body to heal itself.

A Cure for Cancer?

Be diligent as you perform your own cancer research. Some claims are pseudoscience—beliefs and behaviors that have been mistakenly believed as factual or based on scientific method. For example, there was a viral rumor that claimed cancer was not a disease, but rather a deficiency of vitamin B17. The claim involved eating a lot of almonds and apricot pits was a cure for cancer. Take care to not be misled by propaganda.

Cancer is the result of your current lifestyle. The obvious challenge with cancer is once it has been diagnosed it is too late to prevent. Alternative treatments that are natural, provide long-term advantages in sustaining healthy biological function and life.

Curing cancer with alternative medicine means a comprehensive change to your lifestyle. Essiac tea is a mix of the herbs Arctium lappa, Rumex Acetosella, Ulmus rubra. A study showed that those herbs provided cells with antioxidants and promoted anti-cancer activity in vitro. That is good news, and we anxiously wait for further studies to reveal the additional effect of Essiac in vivo.

There are ways to treat cancer by promoting self-healing. Below are changes you can make in your life to strengthen your immune system, increase the inflow of vitamins and minerals, and rearrange the way you provide energy to your body. Finding ways to promote optimal body performance is a critical process to cure cancer naturally. Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables – Adding cold-pressed juice to your diet increases the flow of antioxidants.

Use coconut oil – A study performed on women with breast cancer who used virgin coconut oil while they were undergoing chemotherapy resulted in an increased quality of life. Ketogenic diet – The function of the ketogenic diet is to induce a state of ketosis. Ketosis occurs when your body uses fats as an energy source rather than carbohydrates. According to a pilot study, a ketogenic diet is a suitable nutritional method.

Medical marijuana – The most active candidate to command the fight against cancer is marijuana. Marijuana contains chemical compounds that fight cancer. Those compounds are called cannabinoids. Two typical examples of cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Long before the 1900s marijuana provided its therapeutic capabilities. Marijuana has controlling influences on processes like inflammation and metabolism. Treating symptoms of cancer is a characteristic that marijuana has dialed in.

When called upon, your immune system automatically responds to damage being done in your body. White blood cells are sent to the area of your body that is afflicted to repair the damage. A byproduct of this process creates inflammation. Too much inflammation is the cause of acute pain. Cannabinoids succeed in reducing inflammation caused by cancer. Cannabinoids are welcomed into your system by two different receptors in your body (CB1 and CB2). Those receptors referee pains caused by inflammation. That is why a regiment of cannabis is robust for treating inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer has the lowest rate of survival due to its aggressive behavior.

In 2014 the NCBI published an article that reviewed the outcome of cannabinoids. Cannabis is a dynamic plant with synergistic effects called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the “concept and proposed mechanism by which compounds present in cannabis which are largely non-psychoactive by themselves modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant.”

Before cancer strikes, or if you win your own fight against cancer, begin making changes that promote health by using natural medicines such as marijuana. On your behalf, marijuana influences the aggressive behaviors of cancer cells and stimulates healthy cells to maintain their role as being the building blocks of your life. Perform your own clinical trial with high-quality medical cannabis so you can start to benefit from the self-healing qualities.

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