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Cancer Patient Speaks Out About Medical Marijuana

Cancer Patient Speaks Out About Medical Marijuana

In this video, Joseph Casias talks about his struggle with sinus cancer and how medical cannabis saved his life. Before he realised he had cancer Joseph lost all his energy he would cough up blood and randomly bleed out of his nose.

One day he went into the emergency room and was diagnosed with sinus cancer and a brain tumor. He lost the ability to perform the simplest of function because of the pain he was feeling. In high school, Joseph weighed 210 pounds and due to the cancer, he went down to nothing but skin and bones.

The tumor had eaten away the bone marrow in the back of his neck and all hope seemed lost. That was until his oncologist suggested he try medical cannabis. Now the pain is gone, his energy and appetite are back and Joseph is finally able to live his life again.

He is now able to be the father to his children that cancer had stopped him from being. Joseph’s story and a plea for all sick people to be able to avail of the medicine that has helped him so much is both uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time.

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