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Cancer Patient Speaks Out About CBD Oil

Patient with cancer talks about CBD oil treatment

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Published: 2nd May 2018

This video details the story of Bo Olson from Iowa (USA) and his experience with an incurable brain cancer called grade 4 glioblastoma. It highlights his medications including CBD oil and their side effects. Finally he also gives his opinion on CBD based treatments and medical programs.

At the time of recording the video he had already completed his 5 and half week radiation treatment. He took chemo and tmz pills at a 150 mg dose. He had no need for infusion chemo. He was also on anti seizure pills called Keppra which are typical pills for glioblastoma patients.

What are some of the side effects?
Due to the fact that he is only 23 years old he can deal with the side effects better than other typical patients who are usually in their 60’s. However he still finds it tough, for example his white blood cell count decreased massively which means he is more susceptible to infections. Also his red blood cells have also decreased so this makes him virtually anemic for the entire month of treatment.

Have you heard of or taken CBD oil?
His knowledge of CBD for cancer is based on his own research he has undertaken to find out how CBD oil interacts with his type of cancer. Although he uses CBD oil, his doctors never mentioned it to him or prescribed it to him. (Note:At the moment it is illegal to use CBD based products in the state Iowa).

However the CBD oil he uses is in a small bottle with a dropper provided in the lid. He takes between 1 to 3 drops under his tongue as he needs it, as there are no official dosage guidelines to go by. He does take the CBD oil frequently on a daily basis.

Although officially it is illegal, Bo is not aware of any laws stopping him from using his CBD oil. He will use it regardless as it helps him with any anxiety he may feel and it could improve his appetite. Most importantly he is aware it can cause apoptosis (cancer cell self destruction) which is what he hopes it is doing. Hope, because there isn’t enough research to prove 100% that it is working against the cancer cells.

Would you sign up to receive medical CBD oil?
In Iowa, he would definitely sign up to a program promoting medical CBD oil. This is because the oil would then come from a much more reliable source and most likely provide better results for his cancer. He understands however, more research is needed before this can happen because of how much CBD oil interacts with the central nervous system. Finally, he adds that for an incurable disease he is all for any research that can help cure him or treat him.

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