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Cancer Cure – Cannabis & Cannabinoids, by Robert Melamede, PhD

Cannabis & Cannabinoids and curing cancer

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Dr. Robert Melamede, PhD., Cannabis Science President and CEO, has showed a fascination in Modern molecular biology. He believes that the fact of physics serves as the central theme for all his knowledge and worldview. It provides a scientific basis for understanding life and death, health and disease.

In this video Dr. Melamede explains how the body’s endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoids from the cannabis plant can be used as a supplement/treatment kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth.

I have filed a preliminary patent disclosure with the University of Colorado regarding additional new technology that Cannabis Science intends to develop through the targeted private company acquisition. As a part of this process, we are hiring a distinguished patent attorney to help with the University disclosure and ultimate patent filings. We are also using our FDA consultants to advise on the technology’s FDA approval pathway because we foresee several new FDA pharmaceutical products that can be derived from this deal

Further Studies to Help Veterans

Robert Melamede, passionately talks about those who have fought for the United States of America and claims that once they retire from their service, they have very little to no support mentally or physically. He also claims that we are many steps behind in regards to alleviating veterans who suffer with post traumatic stress disorder. Some veterans claim that the only thing that helps them is medical cannabis.

Dr. Melamede mentions in the video that a study was taken place in the 70’s, where researchers experimented cannabis on rats, especially those with lung cancer. They noticed that that the rats with lung cancer, showed that they were able to inhabit lung cancer. They had also injected THC into brain tumors in mice and rats with results showing tumor regressing and disappearing.

There are studies ongoing to help with this matter, however, much more needs to be done to prove the facts behind cannabidiol.

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