Can CBD Vape Oil Be Used to Treat Cancer?

CBD vape oil for treating cancer, does it work

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Are you looking for an alternative and natural cancer treatment? Keep reading find out more about using CBD vape oil to treat cancer.

With cancer treating drugs now topping over $10,000 per month, people who are suffering or recovering from this disease need other options.

For those unfamiliar with alternative treatments, there is a growing body of evidence supporting the use of CBD in cancer treatment. Cannabinoids taken via CBD vape oil can be a viable alternative to some of the meds cancer patients rely on.

Cancer and its many forms affect more than 12 million people every year. Nearly everyone on the planet has been touched by cancer through friends, family, or their own struggle.

Thankfully, as treatment options expand, dealing with cancer and its symptoms becomes easier for sufferers.

If you’re looking for alternative treatments to cancer, cannabidiol might be the answer. Here are 10 ways that CBD vape oil can help lessen the impact of cancer on your health and quality of life.

1. Aches and Pains

Cancer patients are often afflicted with chronic pain and suffering, which affects their daily life.

As research expands around cannabinoids, experiments are showing great potential for pain relief with the use of CBD vape oil. Medical cannabis research has broadened thanks to the efforts of courageous legislators and forward-thinking activists.

The chemical makeup of CBD vape oil boasts anti-inflammatory capabilities. It helps relax muscles and tissues that are sore, and provides relief from constant pain.

Chronic pain can cause anxiety as cancer sufferers come to fear accidents, overexertion, or even human touch. When it feels like everything could be a potential trigger, they can feel isolated and paranoid.

As CBD vape oils treat the aches and pains that persist during cancer treatment, sufferers can get back to their everyday life.

2. Less Nausea

One of the most well-known and difficult side effects of chemotherapy and radiation is nausea. In more severe cases, the intensity reaches a high pitch and can lead to debilitating internal issues. Frequent vomiting is common too.

The chemical makeup of cannabinoids has been shown to reduce stress. Due to their antiemetic properties, these compounds may also help stop vomiting.

By treating nausea, cancer patients can have a relatively normal eating schedule and resume some of the activities they enjoyed before diagnosis.

An exciting and growing body of evidence proves the ability of CBD to treat different eating disorders and nausea. Since this compound shows promising results, companies are even making synthetic compounds for people undergoing chemotherapy.

3. Reduces Skin Irritation

People undergoing different types of cancer treatments often report skin rashes and irritations. Conventional cancer treatments have a myriad of side effects.

Cannabinoids boast anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for patients reporting allergic reactions.

Dermatitis and other skin ailments can be successfully treated with CBD vape oil and other cannabinoid derivatives. This treatment also allows patients to avoid some of the other potential drug interactions that could further irritate the skin.

CBD oil products and cannabinoid derived products can be applied to the skin in the form of balms and salves. And much like other CBD products, they lack THC. This means they don’t cause any of the psychotropic effects that smoking cannabis can bring.

4. Eases Digestion

Cancer treatments can cause lots of internal and GI issues. The possibility of diarrhea and constipation are a major reason why cancer patients continue to struggle even during treatment.

Gut bacteria create a balance throughout the body. The internal ecosystem is responsible for good digestion. If it becomes imbalanced, every part of the digestive system suffers.

Unfortunately, many cancer treatments disrupt the bacterial balance in the gut. This may lead to poor digestion, nutrient deficiencies, and metabolic disorders.

Using an alternative treatment like CBD vape oil can reduce the need for anti-nausea or appetite promoting medications. It manages to settle a nervous digestive system and allows the digestive tract to get back in balance.

Prescription painkillers are one of the major causes of digestive issues.

When pain is treated with CBD, the side effects of typical painkillers is reduced. This natural product also fights the inflammation that causes internal and intestinal distress.

5. Wards Off Fatigue

While it’s true that some cannabinoids can help you sleep, a few strains have more energizing properties. Typically, those derived from a classification of plants called “sativa” are able to give the same kind of boost as a cup of coffee.

Rather than interfering with our mental focus or attention span, these compounds increase mental energy. This can help cancer sufferers get out of bed and begin their day.

6. Promotes Sexual Health

One of the side effects of many painkillers is poor libido. While this might seem like a frivolous side effect, sexual intimacy helps cancer sufferers to manage chronic pain.

When used as a replacement for powerful painkillers and opioids, cannabinoids can increase libido. They have been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and can help enhance pleasure.

While acting as a painkiller, CBD vape oil still allows for sexual stimulation and pleasure. It has the ability to eliminate the distraction of pain while still leaving the body open to touch and sexual stimuli.

This is a meaningful bit of research for anyone dealing with cancer as the impact on sexuality is often overlooked when side effects are listed.

While it can seem secondary to people who aren’t dealing with cancer, the ability to feel sexy can boost their confidence and mental health.

By allowing for sexual relationships to continue, people dealing with cancer will recover more quickly. Plus, they will enjoy a more fulfilling life and have normal relationships.

7. Regulates Weight and Appetite

It’s a well-known joke that cannabis can cause “munchies”, stimulating a spike in the appetite of anyone taking it.

Through the common chemotherapy and radiation side effects of vomiting and nausea, some people can lose interest in eating.

If they fear they’ll just be over the toilet vomiting following a meal, they may want to skip one altogether. This can cause severe weight loss and affect recovery.

CBD oil stimulates the release of hunger hormones and improves your body’s ability to get pleasure as you eat.

Those who use this product will experience increased appetite and find greater joy in eating. Their meals will taste better, and nausea will subside.

8. Improves Mental Health

Cancer may cause such intense sickness that some people become withdrawn. This illness affects every aspect of their lives.

The fear of having a GI issue or being too fatigued to keep up in a social context can keep sufferers from spending time with friends and family. They might give up on things they love or activities they enjoy.

CBD vape oil helps relax the body and eases severe pain. Plus, it regulates the feel-good hormones in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine.

The feelings of relaxation bring a positive sense of well-being to people dealing with cancer.

Connecting socially with friends and family can help speed up recovery and improve mental health. It can even help stimulate the production of happiness hormones, making the brain more receptive to positive experiences.

9. It Can Improve Sleep

For some users of CBD products, the kind of relaxing effect of vape oils creates a drowsiness. When sleep is disrupted, the body has a harder time recovering. Cannabinoids induce a healthier, deeper sleep, which helps the body heal itself and fight disease.

When people feel severe pain, sleep is often difficult and interrupted. The anxiety that comes from being unable to sleep and let your body heal can create a snowballing effect.

Once cancer patients feel there are insurmountable hurdles to rest and relaxation, those fears can build day by day as the sleep deficit grows.

The restorative aspects of sleep are invaluable to people dealing with long-term illness. CBD vape oil can help.

10. It Inhibits Future Cancer Growth

Studies show that CBD and cannabinoid derivatives can help inhibit the growth, proliferation, and continued spread of cancer cells. Since it has none of the psychoactive effects of THC, cannabidiol can slow cancer cell growth without interrupting your daily activity.

While there has been an explosive growth of research in the past few years, much of it is restricted by the legal regulations around cannabis. As more states begin to accept the medicinal usage of cannabinoids and their derivatives, we will see research and treatment options expanding.

CBD Vape Oil Helps Cancer Patients in Many Ways

The number of ways that CBD can help cancer patients is broad, with many more facts being uncovered on a daily basis.

By pushing our legislators to legalize cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal use, the ways we can use CBD to treat illness will grow. Hopefully, cannabidiol will become a reliable cancer prevention method in the near future.

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