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Can CBD Help You Heal Your Cancer?

Can CBD Help You Heal Your Cancer?

An image of Cam. A cancer sufferer using CBD to treat his illness.

Credit: This Heals Cancer
Published: 20th July 2017

In this video Cam tells of how Cannabidiol (CBD) helped him combat colon cancer. After testing Cam found out that he was not a genetic high risk for mutations. That means that the cancer is isolated only to his colon. Another lucky point was that the cancer was detected at an early stage. Cam notes that for most people colonoscopies are recommended starting at 50 years or above. At 44 years old Cam received his diagnosis. He urges everyone to get checked as soon as possible, especially if you know your nutrition hasn’t been that great. You have nothing to lose by getting checked and maybe like Cam you will be lucky and get a early reading on cancerous cells.

Through the use of CBD, Cam still to this day feels no symptoms of the cancer, and it hasn’t debilitated him in anyway. Before being diagnosed Cam had moved from Florida to Seattle. This is another factor that Cam feels lucky about. If he was still living in Florida the medicine which has helped him so much would not be available. His great sense of confidence and good feeling really flows through this video and I believe it will provide hope to all others suffering with cancer.

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