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Breast Cancer Awareness: Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

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It is estimated that in the year of 2018, 266,120 new invasive breast cancers will be diagnosed in the U.S.A. Contrary to popular belief, men can also suffer from breast cancer and it is said that about 2,550 males from the U.S are expected to also be diagnosed in 2018. Breast cancer kills more than 41,000 Americans a year and researchers in the San Francisco lab are working on how to cut that figure down.

The compound that researchers are looking into is known as cannabidoil, and can inhibit types of breast cancers whilst lowering the risk of tumors that can spread around the body. The scientists have been working at the Californian Pacific Medical Centre. They firstly noted a crucial gene that helped breast cancer to spread. What they done wit this, was test the cannabidoil component and soon noted that it may stop that specific gene from its destruction as well as the spread of tumor cells. What’s more, is that it is said not to harm patients whilst doing so.

Spreading the Word

In the second series of the video we have attached, we meet Rick Simpson, who has been making his own hemp oil in the hopes to help his friends and neighbours. He explains that it makes your health better without any harm to your body. Simpson managed to impress the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) but higher ups ended up shutting him down and believe it goes against the laws of the RCL. Simpson explains that this could be a miracle drug and encourages those to see what benefits it may hold saying;

Those that have cancer, are not dying anymore – and this is what’s doing it.


There are those such as Rick Simpson and other vital studies that have been ongoing for many years. Although funding is difficult to come by since marijuana is still classed as a Schedule I drug, research is still ongoing. Not enough concrete evidence towards the plant can be given at this time until fully funded studies can be conducted.

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