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AZ Medical Marijuana Helps Breast Cancer Patient

Breast cancer Patient and medical marijuana AZ

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In this video, a woman describes how her friend, Karen, lives her life with breast cancer and how medical marijuana helped her. Karen is only 29 years old and already has stage 2 breast cancer, meaning the tumor is still growing but is contained within the breast. At the request of her doctor from the Mayo Clinic, Karen took higher doses of chemotherapy than normal. However, it seems that young body cannot handle the stress.

Every time, she comes back from chemotherapy, she feels sick and tired and just arrives home to lay in bed for as long as she can. The chemotherapy is so taxing, that according to her friend, if “she tried to eat anything she would vomit immediately. So, she had no appetite.” Soon, one of the doctors from Mayo Clinic actually suggested Karen to try medical marijuana. Karen and her friend went to Precision Medical Group, and the results were wildly better.

What Methods of Ingesting Cannabis did Karen Take to Treat her Cancer

Since Karen did not want to smoke, she simply could ingest it through baking. With just one medical marijuana-infused cookie, Karen could pizza and drink soup, something she could never do with chemotherapy. In addition, Karen’s nausea went away and even took her dog out for a walk. Just one marijuana-infused cookie was able to promote this, and so Karen, and her friend are grateful for the doctors at Mayo Clinic and Precision Medical Group for doing their best to help Karen fight breast cancer.

If you are suffering from a form of cancer and wish to use an alternative medical treatment such as medical cannabis, you should consult your doctor or any other sort of another medical professional, so that you get the correct treatment and the proper amount of dosing.

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