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Can CBD Oil be Safely Used to Treat Burns?

Safely using CBD to Treat Burns

Lot of people suffer from burn injures. Find out does CBD oil can help with even third degree burns. Image Credit: Hyunwon Jang on Sutterstock

Burn injures

Burn injuries are rampant across the world. Most second degree burns lead to long term disability while third degree burns typically turn out to be an agonizingly painful and expensive affair which keeps the aggrieved person away from a career and social circuit for a long, long time.

This is because third degree burns require burn management programs which can take years to complete. Such programs include frequent hospitalization and recuperation periods, multiple surgeries / grafting, and each take a long time to heal and fine tuning of medications and approaches.

Add to this the fact that visible scarring can have an immeasurable impact on the patients mental health for the rest of their lives and it is no surprise to say that serious burns can really have a lasting impact on a person for the rest of their lives.

Several groundbreaking treatments have been introduced in recent times. However, patients continue to suffer, especially those with third degree burns which typically result in severe damage to both the epidermis and dermis. The intensity of the burns can sometimes go deeper and damage even the muscles and connecting tissues.

When this happens the healing process slows down and it also results in multi-layered scars. Healing is a collaborative process that involves extracellular and intracellular signals.Classic medical practices and treatment options continue to provide solace to burn victims. Meanwhile, researchers have been experimenting with several alternative options also. One such option is the oil derived from Cannabis Sativa plant called CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from hemp seeds. The hemp plant is a type of cannabis plant and cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD oil (also known as medical marijuana) doesn’t contain any of the ingredients which cause the addictive ‘high’ associated with marijuana products. Clinical experiments have shown the oil produced by industrial hemp has amazing effects on the human body, especially when it comes to physical and emotional reactions. It has been proven that CBD oil has many health benefits for an array of illnesses, providing stunning results in terms of consistent, quick relief.

Two properties of CBD which stand out like shining stars are its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, this oil can be exploited topically and through ingestion, which makes it extremely versatile as far as application and consumption is concerned.

Incidentally, one study published claimed that CBD products not only contain cannabinoids, which are a natural substance produced by the human body, but is littered with terpene, an unsaturated essential oil that has both cooling and pain-fighting properties. It is no wonder then that CBD oil has been used as an ointment for first and second degree burns and chronic pain for a long time. The healing process tends to hasten and patients have found marked relief in terms of recurring infection and pain.

Scientists believe that the cannabinoids which are produced naturally in the body are almost identical to those found in hemp and marijuana. They mimic the naturally produced cannabinoid neurotransmitters and their corresponding functions. So, when CBD is consumed and/or topically applied it triggers a series of signals or neurotransmissions. The affected area is instantly offered relief due to the spike in the activity of “endocannabinoid” system.

Burns are painful, take time to heal and more often than not leave scars which are unsightly and cause great damage to self-esteem and mental health in the long run. As mentioned earlier, burns typically fall into three categories; first, second and third degree. While the first two can be addressed in a relatively rapid manner, the third needs some patience and complex medical attention as the damage reaches deep down inside the skin.

Thankfully, cannabis products appear to offer some real hope to those who are suffering from third degree burns. Find out more about the benefits of using CBD oil on burns.

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