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CBD Oil As Treatment for Burns

CBD Oil for Skin Burns

CBD can be one of the best remedy for even third grade burns

A burn is a skin injury which is caused by contact with another substance. Burns can be excruciatingly painful, causing unsightly blisters and lifelong scarring. Burns can be caused by anything as normal as sun exposure to contact with acids and other chemicals.

Not all burns are the same. First degree burns just affect the outer layer of skin, causing discomfort and damaging nerve endings. However usually there is no any lasting damage. Second degree burns however, are more serious. These cause damage to the outer layer of skin, and the dermis underneath. Thankfully, home remedies are often sufficient treatment for these types of burns.

Finally, third degree burns are the most serious form of burns. These can destroy the skin’s tissue, reaching deep down to the deepest layers of skin. They often cause profound scarring and associated pain that is excruciating. Surgeries are usually required and it can take years to fully recover from a third degree burn.

Does CBD Help With Burns?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical in the cannabis plant which is understood to interact with and stimulate receptors within the human body. These receptors formulate the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for skin health and pain regulation, among many other things.

Studies have shown that CBD can help in the reduction of pain caused by a wide variety of medical conditions. They have also indicated that CBD is a powerful antibacterial agent. Theoretically, these properties make it an ideal treatment for painful, infection-prone burn injuries.

Currently, clinical trials are being conducted to confirm what many researchers believe to be true, namely that CBD oil helps to reduce pain and speed up healing of the skin. As of right now, there is not enough data to conclusively say that CBD should be used as a treatment for burns. However, there is more than enough evidence to conclusively say that it looks like CBD-based skin care treatments will soon become mainstream.

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    Will dabs work to mix with aloe vera gel to help a grease burn on top of foot?

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