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Cannabis Infused Lotion for Cuts and Burns

CBD Lotion for Burns

While cuts and burns can be caused by even the simplest of mishaps around the home, the office or in school, if not treated properly they can actually lead to significant health concerns. When it comes to infections and bacteria getting into the body through the skin, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is why treating them is something we should all know how to do.

Cannabis has been used for centuries as an ancient plant medicine. Not only was it used as a treatment for chronic pain, which we strongly associate it with today, but also for cuts and burns. In recent years, scientific research has uncovered exactly why our ancestors used the plant in this way, and why increasing numbers of people are using cannabis infused lotions to soothe and heal cuts and burns today.

Why Use Cannabis for Cuts and Burns?

We’ve known that cannabis is a powerful and all-natural antibacterial since the 1950’s. We also know that it is an effective anti-inflammatory. Although it has many more properties which contribute to the health benefits of cannabis, it is these two specifically which make it a great treatment for cuts and burns.

When the skin is cut, the prevention of infection should be the top priority. This is just as true if the cut is tiny as it is if the cut is large. Only by treating it with a good antibacterial, such as cannabis, can you prevent bacteria entering the wound and causing an infection.

When the skin sustains a burn, whether that be a first degree sun burn or a third degree chemical burn, the immune system responds with inflammation. This is the immune systems way of fighting off what it sees as an attack on the skin. However, inflammation can cause pain, discomfort and raised, red skin. Using a good anti-inflammatory such as cannabis can minimize the amount of inflammation and the suffering of the patient.

Cannabidiol, an oil which is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant, is high in both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is very safe to use on the skin and impossible to overdose on. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause the euphoric psychoactive effects associated with recreational cannabis use. This makes it an ideal treatment for cuts and burns.

Cannabis Infused Skin Care

Today the number of CBD oil products on the skin care market is pretty staggering. You can buy everything from CBD face masks for acne to CBD body butters for eczema. While these products vary widely in their uses, they all have two things in common; they contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Keeping a cannabis infused lotion of some description in the home is something that more people are doing now than ever before. Similar to keeping an aloe vera plant in the home, having a CBD lotion means that no matter how small or large the cut or burn, you have an all-natural remedy that’s proven to work at hand.

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