The World’s First Autism and Cannabis Trial

World's First Autism and Cannabis Trial

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Doctor and Professor Adi Aran from Sharei Tzedek Medical Center has researched cannabis and focused his attention on understanding the effects of CBD (medicinal cannabis) in ASD (autism) and in epilepsy. Dr. Adi Aran is now a medical cannabis consultant who treats children with autism using cannabis plants. He is also an educator and speaker promoting the beneficial properties of medicinal cannabis as to offer.

Choosing The Participants for The Autism and Cannabis Trial

Two years ago, Dr.Adi Aran selected children that had severe behavioral problems and who were rated high on the autism spectrum disorder. These children were given CBD oil and their parents would rate their children on whether they improved or deteriorated with

  • Communication skills
  • Behaviors
  • Anxiety

Parents then filled out questionnaires on parental stress and side effects. Results showed that there was a 80% decrease in behavioral symptoms, with 25% having fewer outbursts. 62% of cases stated that children improved.

The results of the Autism and Cannabis Trail

Dr. Adi Aran explains that they are more conscious about introducing THC (the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant). One child experienced psychotic events due to the side effects of THC. Now they have noticed that children with autism are more prone to have psychotic events.

Another one of his studies is a randomized blind study, with 160 participants. Dr. Adi Aran explains that the most difficult part of this study was when the child had completed their trial. They had asked if they could continue with using the medication that they were using on the child, not knowing what medication it was. The study is receiving a lot of positive feedback and also gaining about of public attention.

Dr. Ado Aran believes that this is a baby step to improving the health service and that these are the first of many health studies relating to medicinal cannabis and autism.

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