Medical Marijuana Managing Violent Autism

Medical Marijuana for Autism

Video Credit: The MHRC

The video above describes the life of an 11-year-old Oregon boy who has autism. Alex Echols is severely autistic due to having tubular sclerosis. Tubular sclerosis affects 50,00 people in the United States alone. It is a disease that causes growth in origins. In Alex’s case, his brain has growths that lead to autism. Alex is unable to communicate with words, making it difficult to understand him.

Alex’s Medical Cannabis Journey to Treating Autism

Alex’s parents turned to Medical cannabis to treat their son’s disease. Suffering his first seizure at 6 months old, Alex has had developmental issues his entire life. Alex grew violent, showing intense self-harm. To help, his parents tried swaddling, got him a helmet, and used psychoactive drugs to little effect.

Alex’s violent outburst became the household normal. Making the difficult decision to move Alex into a state institution was hard to make. Wanting to help their child, Alex’s parents looked into the states Medical cannabis laws and with a doctors approval, Alex became one out of fifty children given medical cannabis as a form of treating autism.

Within months of the cannabis treatment, Alex’s parents saw a noticeable difference. An hour after giving Alex the medication, Alex went from hitting himself to playing with toys and using his hands. This behavior, at the time, was almost unheard of. Three times a week Alex’s parents administer a liquid form of the drug.

Many children with epilepsy, cancer, and autism have started to use medical cannabis as an alternative, all-natural treatment. In the UK, cannabis-based drugs are recently available to those as a last resort for when all other medication fails them.

In the US many states are looking to legalize the drug for medical purposes, some are even looking to legalize it for both medical and recreational purposes. The future is bright, however, precautions are still needed since the cannabis plant is still undergoing clinical trails to source its side effects.

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