Family Breaks Law To Help Autistic Daughter With Cannabis

Family breaks law to treat autistic child with cannabis

Cannabis Prevents an Autistic Daughter From Self-Harm

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For Zara Martler, a girl who suffers from autism, cannabis helps to ease her symptoms. According to her parents, Mark and Christy Zartler, medical cannabis helps Zara to prevent self-abuse. Without the use of cannabis, Zara hits herself around 3000 times a day.

Self-harm, Due to Autism

Zara’s primary issue is behavioral, and so her tendencies of self-harm can be quite hard to control. Zara’s parents have tried for 13 years to find solutions, seeing several physicians and several methods to help her, from giving her a helmet to literally holding her down to Tylenol to Motrin to gas medicine, but none are as effective.

Mark and Christy were hesitant to use medical cannabis, and they knew it was illegal, but they believed that it would be “criminal” if they didn’t do something more. That extra step was medical cannabis. Zara’s parents use a nebulizer to give cannabis vapor to her, and within three to five minutes, she’s “back to her normal self.” Cannabis helps Zara to do the things she likes, such as drawing, and she can even go to school without much trouble.

Studies On Cannabis, There Needs to be More

Due to their experience with medical cannabis, Mark and Christy affirm that more studies should be done on analyzing the effects of medical cannabis. They think Congress should take a closer look and pour more research into this because there only exists anecdotes about the benefits of medical cannabis. With the help of Congress and the DEA, Mark and Christy think that medical cannabis can be more easily accessed and help kids not only with autism but other ailments as well.

Cannabis, as a medicine still need many studies and trials to put it to the test. As a result, it’s important to ask your doctor about it and whether it would be suited for you.

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