CBD Oil Journey for Autism Self Injurious Behaviors

Self Injurious behaviour due to autism and CBD oil treatment

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Wesley is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. He began to show bruising, a sign of self-harm. Wesley would be easily frustrated and often resorted to aggressive behavior. With some days being worse than others, he was developing normally. When Wesley became frustrated communication with him became difficult. Wesley began to develop obsessive behavior, and would continuously hit his head.

When Wesley began to attend a new school due to circumstances. It was at this time that his parents began to administer Cannabidiol CBD oils. CBD oils are derived from the hemp plant and contain no THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana that gives the user a high.

Within hours of giving Wesley CBD oils, he was noticeably more calm, and happy. Wesley was able to deal with his frustration in a manageable way. Along with improved sleep, Wesley was able to maintain eye contact, keep his concentration, and interact with his mother. This behavior was not typical for Wesley before the CBD oil.

By the 3rd day he was actively playing with his brother, something that he was not able to do before due to his communication issues. Soon Wesley communication skills began to develop, and he would speak in full sentences. Nominal tasks such as merely being around family members became standard practice. Wesley is living a calmer and happier life due to his treatment with CBD. He was able to get a good nights sleep, he wasn’t restless anymore and his body was still. He was making great, long periods of eye contact with his mum and his speech became a lot clearer. He was able to put sentences together, and his mum was totally surprised.

This video shows a boy, suffering from autism, who was able to fight all of the symptoms by adding CBD oil to his daily routine. If you wish to treat your child with CBD oil make sure that you first consult your doctor, as it’s not guaranteed that it will work for you or your child.

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