Cannabis Helping Autistic Boy to Interact

Cannabis Helps Autistic Child

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How Cannabis Helps a Boy with Autism

In a report from Kelsey Dudley, it was found that medical cannabis helped an autistic boy make leaps and bounds in his interactions. According to KATU, Kyle Farris is an 18-year-old boy who suffers from autism, a disease that affects his ability to speak, causes seizures, and other ailments. With the help of this new drug, it seemed that Kyle was close to normal.

According to his mother, Maria Farris, Kyle was able to study and communicate, something he could never do with other medicines. With those daily medicines, Kyle’s autism didn’t subside and he became numb. But, with medical cannabis, Kyle said his first word at the age of 18 years old, which was “Mama”. Kyles mother was absolutely amazed. Cannabis has improved other aspects of his life, such as his visit to the doctor.

Kyle’s Behaviours Changed due to Medical Cannabis

Kyle was able to interact and waved to his neurologist. With the help of medical cannabis, three doses a day, Kyle goes from having 10 seizures a day to one. Despite this great improvement in Kyle’s behavior, his neurologist and even the American Academy of Pediatrics are skeptical. This skepticism even goes all the way to the government, with Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon debating whether to sign Senate Bill 1531, allowing cities more control of medical cannabis dispensaries.

If the bill goes through, man cities across the US will discontinue “pot shops”. Kyle’s parents say that this will really affect their son’s health and quality of life as he won’t be able to access the medication that he needs. If you have a child with autism and wish to use medical cannabis to treat them, make sure that you first seek medical advice and check laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis plant.

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