Real Story – Cannabis Changed This Autistic Toddler’s Life Forever

A realy life story on how a toddler used cannabis to treat his autism

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Jonathan Valenzuela he was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. His parents said that they started to see signs of autism when Jonathan was 1 and a half.

Jonathan’s parents have two other girls, but last month (September 2016) Jonathan had a very rough month, that the parents couldn’t focus on the girls or on their careers.

Jonathan’s parents express that living with a child that has autism has proven to be very difficult especially with socialization, even simple trip to the grocery store, or different transitions between activities would cause Jonathan to tantrums that would last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours long, even lasting up to a full day.

His socialization skills were very poor. He wouldn’t answer to his name, or make eye contact, he wouldn’t focus, and his parents couldn’t potty train him.

His parents introduces Jonathan to medical cannabis. His mother said

“It has made a world of difference for him and for the quality for him”.

Jonathan take .6ml’s of cannabis oil three times a day. Jonathan’s parents give him his .6ml of cannabis oil in a yogurt because he’s not too fond on the taste of it.

His father tells us that Jonathan had very little communication skills, until they introduced him to cannabis. He started to use full sentences were in the past he could only put two or three words together. In Jonathan’s life, his family, friends, teachers, have all noticed Jonathan’s speech improvement. This was when Jonathan’s parents really knew that cannabis oil really works.

Jonathan’s father said

“since day one of cannabis, I see a future, I see he wants to be a doctor, he wants to be a scientist whatever. I could see him you know adequately achieving any goal he puts his mind to because right now the daily tasks that we have is trying to figure out his behavior, is it the three-year-old or is the autism? Cannabis has made it that good where we can’t differentiate with what behavior is showing. So I see a great future”

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