Autism Parenting & CBD Oil

Autism Parenting & CBD oil

Credit: Life Being Blue
Published: 11 February 2017

In the video an unnamed parent with an autistic child begins her journey to show the world her autistic son for the purposes of autism awareness.

Her son is called Luke who was born in 2012 and diagnosed with nonverbal autism in 2016.
Nonverbal autism is when a child will suffer common symptoms related to autism such as poor sleep, low mood, bad diet as well as language difficulties. In these cases children will only learn one word or have very minimal language skills. Most research on this type of autism focuses on early interventions that predict successful language outcomes.

In Luke’s case he is only sleeping between two to three hours a night and he has a poor diet only wanting to eat waffles. It is also apparent that due to the mentioned symptoms Luke is having an unhappy life.

The parent decided to try CBD oil to help her son and she found in a matter of days she could see a change in her son. He was much happier and started to try new foods. Luke also started to sleep better by getting between seven to eight hours of sleep. His language skills also started to improve as he was starting to mimic more sounds which can help him learn how to say new words.

Although this is a positive result from using CBD oil for autism, the parents CBD oil soon ran out due to it not being easily accessible in her country. After she ran out of oil Luke fell back into his old ways very quickly and stopped eating and sleeping properly. The parent is still lucky however because she was donated a bottle of CBD oil from a friend and hopes to get Luke back onto it as soon as possible.

The parent ends by pointing out that if CBD oil can help her as an autistic parent, and provide a better standard of life for her son, then why can’t it be available for other parents to help their children. Even if it just helps them eat, sleep and be happy.

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