Alex’s Stor – A Case for Medical Marijuana in Kentucky

Alex's story on medical marijuana treatment

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An Autistic Boy and the Benefits of Cannabidiol

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According to Alex’s mom, Suzanne De Gregorio, medical marijuana and cannabidiol help ease his autistic and epileptic symptoms. Suzanne’s story started with an article from Slate, appalled, that a parent would willing give their child medical marijuana. However, after realizing the positive side effects, Suzanne gave it a try. As a young child, Alex was a typical, healthy boy who was considered a genius, but when he was around 3 years old, he was diagnosed with autism.

6 Year Old Living With Severe Autism

By the time he was 6 years old, Alex had severe autism and was also diagnosed with petit mal epilepsy, a form of epilepsy that’s more subtle and harder to diagnose. Alex does take traditional medicine, but the extent to which they control his epilepsy and his autism is not enough. The side effects are those medicines is what worries Suzanne, as Depakote causes him to gain weight and raise his liver enzymes, while Topamax causes him to lose his impulse control.

Mother Turns to Cannabis to Treat Her Sons Autism

Suzanne turned to CBD (cannabidiol) because Alex’s neurologist and several parents have claimed there are no adverse side effects Alex is “more alert, learning, talking, and not having seizures.” Suzanne wants the legislature to know that CBD works and that there are real children and real people who can benefit from the legalization of CBD.

She asserts that you cannot get high off of CBD and that there is no psychoactive part to it, it’s only going to help those who suffer from autism and/or epilepsy. Suzanne has also been diagnosed with cancer, which causes her to think more about how to help not only her son but also anyone else who suffers from a debilitating ailment.

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