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Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Arthritis Pain

Dr Petel on Medical Marijuana & Arthritis

By: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Patel specializes in the area of medical marijuana and what she walks patients through how to safely use marijuana for their particular medical conditions. Dr Patel specializes in medical marijuana and answers questions relating to marijuana and arthritis. When asked about rheumatoid arthritis and the different approaches to treat the doses, Dr Patel answers the questions about treating the pain associated with arthritis. Many people are looking for treatment options to treat the symptoms of arthritis.

Dr. Patel receives a letter from Gena of Walnut Creek California. Gena said “I’m 53 years old and I’ve been struggling with Richard arthritis for five years now. It’s been getting worse and worse over the years I wake up in the mornings with unbearable pain in my hands and knees. I can’t enjoy the activities I once enjoyed like knitting and gardening because it just hurts too much. My doctor told me to take Tylenol but I stopped taking it after I read that it causes damage to the liver. I then started taking ibuprofen but I ended up getting ulcers in my stomach after. I tried acupuncture and I even took some supplements but nothing seems to help. I came across some stories on the internet of other people like me with rheumatoid arthritis who used marijuana. It seemed like it really helped them with arthritis pain. I’m considering using it but I wanted to hear your thoughts before I go this route does medical marijuana actually relieve arthritis pain.

Many people have tried over the counter medications but find that they do not help enough. Others have tried prescription medications, such as opiates, but do not like the side effects related to these medications. Another option for treating arthritis pain is medical marijuana. There are prescription medications that are synthetic forms of marijuana. After studies, it has been shown to help the pain. Marijuana helps with anti-inflammation which can have great benefit to those who suffer from arthritis.

One good way to use marijuana is in a topical cream. The cream is applied to the area that is in pain and very quickly can help to relieve much of the pain. It helps people on a day to day basis quite a bit.

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