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Treating Anxiety & Depression With Cannabis

Anxiety & Depression With Cannabis

This video shows testimonials from people who suffer with anxiety and depression and are treating their problems with cannabis oil.

Jason Lauve has been a medical cannabis patient for about five years for his pain and muscle spasms. He experienced an unfortunate accident and two year later, he was still taking heavy narcotics and opiates like tramadol, vicodin, neurontin and oxycodone. His physical health ended up deteriorating his mental health, and was suggested by his doctor to cry cannabis. So he started to take ingest large amounts (according to law enforcement), which started to make a big difference. His stomach started to feel better because he was able to decrease his intake of tramadol, vicodin, neurontin and oxycodone, eventually stopping their treatment completely.

The next interviewee, ingest cannabis for his PTSD, anxiety and spasms which now allow him to lead a better quality of life. He states:

“So if you are old enough to go to the military at aged 17, with parents consent and old enough at 18 to go to war and make that decision yourself, why are you not old enough to make the decision of how to medicate yourself? Why does there have to be an age limit on a medication? There’s no age limit on any other medication and for something that I personally know helps works and get some gets a man or a woman through life on a daily daily basis“.

The third interviewee wsa diagnosed with ADD and depression when she was 5 or 6 years old, she was given 75 ml of addrela as a test run. She tells us that it helped, but it wasn’t enough. She felt like a zombie.

She started smoking marijuana with her mum when she was 12 years old occasionally, because she liked the feeling she got off cannabis, over her prescription drugs. She says that she is judged for taking cannabis as a treatment for her ADD and depression, but she makes a point, where she asks us “what do you do to when your having a stressful day?”, smoke a cigarette, that’s toxic for your body, text while drivings? that’s deadly as you’re putting your life and others at risk.

“I am not putting my life at risk medicating with my medicine, the deodorant you use has cancerous chemicals”.

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