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Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Anxiety

Cannabis and medical marijuana for anxiety

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Video credit: The Medical Marijuana Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel

In this video from Dr. Rachna Patel, she reads a question from Joe of Danville, California about medical cannabis and anxiety. Joe suffers from severe anxiety, and complains that it’s gotten so bad that he must cancel appointments, take days off from work, and is even anxious about being a part of his family.

Cannabis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The first time Joe experienced an anxiety attack, he thought it was a heart and went to the hospital. Finding out it was an anxiety attack, he was prescribed Lexapro and Xanax. According to Joe, Lexapro was “killing my sex drive” and he’s using Xanax “more and more, causing me to worry about addiction.” All Joe wants to do is to enjoy time with his family and not be irritable. He asks if he should take medical cannabis and wanted Dr. Patel’s advice.

Dr. Patel describes what her other patients have told her about medical cannabis usage, “they’re able to function better, they no longer feel paralyzed from their anxiety” and much more. Dr. Patel finished by describing a study done at a college. She describes it in detail and what the results of the study was.

Anxiety Treatment Medication vs Cannabis (Medical Cannabis

Students were divided into four groups to give a two-minute speech. On group was given Diazepam, a conventional medicine for anxiety (but can be addictive), the second given IPSA (another common anxiety medicine, but takes four to six weeks to take effect), the third given medical cannabis, and the fourth given a pill that did not affect (the placebo). Of the four groups, Diazepam, IPSA, and medical cannabis helped to reduce anxiety. Dr. Patel concludes that medical cannabis may be useful for Joe, but that he should seek more professional medical advice.

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