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Vlogger Uses Marijuana & CBD For Mental Conditions

Bipolar Disorder, Social anxiety and cannabis

Video credit: Lithium Lollipop

Lithium Lollipop suffers with bipolar disease and anxiety (social anxiety) and he admits that he has only smoked cannabis once or twice in his life when he was just a teenager. His viewers on YouTube have recommended him to take CBD (cannabis oil). He notifies his viewers that he was recently prescribed medicinal cannabis. He also informs the viewers that he has never had much experience with cannabis, whether for recreational use or medical purposes.

Lithium Lollipop’s Journey to Using Medical Cannabis

Lithium Lollipop wasn’t sure on how to go about taking the substance. So he saved up all of his Christmas money, and went to a dispensary. He states that when he arrived at the dispensary, he was educated on medicinal cannabis. As a result, he decided to buy a vaporizer. He started using the vaporizer instead of smoking cannabis because he suffers with asthma and smoking cannabis would not be good for his lungs or overall health.

He purchased a hybrid (dry content) containing 11% CBD and 9% THC. He stated that he hasn’t tried it enough, and ended up taking a very high dosage of THC, where he stated that he needs to build his tolerance. He tells us that, it took a few days for the oil with the high THC content took a few days for it to work for him.

What Lithium Lollipop Discovered While Using Medical Cannabis

Lithium Lollipop mentions that the best thing about taking cannabis oil so far, is that it is great for sleeping. He cannabis oil with high CBD and low THC “mellows” him out, which helps him sleep and states that they are much better than the sleeping pills that he was prescribed.

He compares CBD oil to sleeping pills and mentions that not only does cannabis oil make him sleepy, but it also helps his anxiety. He says that sleeping pills that he has used in the past have made him either pass out, sleepy, and once he is sleepy, his anxiety kicks in which ends up keeping him awake.

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