How CBD Could Stop a Panic Attack in Its Tracks

How CBD oil can prevent a panic attack

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If you suffer from panic attacks, you’re not alone. But there’s hope in a natural remedy! Click here to learn about how CBD can dissolve a panic attack. From daily anxieties to full-on panic attacks, Americans are constantly looking for ways to unwind from their daily stressors. So much so that 8.4 million Americans consume marijuana in some form on a regular basis.

Marijuana contains several chemicals that relax us. Plus, fewer people see marijuana as a dangerous substance, making more people more likely to light up. One key component of marijuana – CBD – has been found to be particularly useful for treating a number of physical and psychological ailments including panic attacks. While we’re still learning more about CBD, we know that it’s a safe substance in isolation. It’s also a natural substance that many would prefer over traditional pharmaceutical treatments to mental illnesses. If you’ve had a panic attack recently or get them frequently, CBD might be just what you need. Find out how CBD can treat panic attacks below.

What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is a feeling of overwhelming fear or anxiety that can seemingly appear out of nowhere. Symptoms of a panic attack include an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness, chills, shaking, and the inability to move. Panic attacks aren’t necessarily the same across all individuals but tend to feel the same each time someone experiences one. Panic attacks are probably more widespread than you think. It’s estimated that 19.1% of American adults suffer from some kind of anxiety which includes panic disorder, a specific phobia, PTSD, and OCD.

An estimated 2-3% of American adults suffer from panic disorder. There’s a huge stigma around having a panic disorder which can prevent people from seeking out professional help. Many panic attack sufferers wonder if their disorder is even real.

Causes of Panic Attacks

No one is entirely sure where panic attacks come from in the brain or why certain people are more likely to have them than others. However, in nearly all cases, panic attacks result from high levels of psychological or environmental stress. Sometimes, someone’s subconscious might trigger a panic attack. These instances can result from past traumatic experiences, nightmares, or negative situations that can linger in the subconscious mind.

Mitigating Panic Attacks

Most individuals who suffer from panic attacks feel they come out of nowhere. There are cases where a panic attack is induced by stressful events in the moment. Other times, it can seem like there aren’t stressors in the moment the panic attack happens.

Medication generally isn’t prescribed for panic attacks as they are fairly unpredictable. However, if you suffer from other types of anxieties or depression, any medication you’re on for those disorders might help reduce the number of panic attacks you have. Medication isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of other things you can do to help prevent or lessen the severity of your panic attacks.

Visiting your doctor is one of the first things you should do if you’ve started to get panic attacks. Seeing your doctor helps you both rule out other potential health problems and gives more evidence to the fact you have panic attacks.

Talking about your anxiety and panic attacks with a trusted friend or psychiatrist can also help. It helps you get out of your own head and put into words what is stressing you out. When you can identify your stressors, it’s easier for you to prevent panic attacks. Getting into a healthy routine can also help you. Exercising, eating right, and going to bed and waking up at the same time can help reduce the number of stressful situations you might get into through a chaotic schedule.

Sometimes, desensitizing yourself to your panic attack trigger can help reduce the number of attacks you get. For example, if your heart racing is a trigger, try running in place to get your heart rate up. For something that feels a bit more like doing something to prevent a panic attack, try using CBD. You can rub oil on your skin or consume it in edible form.

CBD for Panic Attacks

Cannabidoil – or CBD – is a compound found in cannabis. It has tons of medical benefits but doesn’t lead the consumer to feel high or “stoned.”

The reason so many people turn to marijuana is for its relaxing benefits which come from the CBD. Another component of marijuana – THC – is psychotropic and is what leads to people feeling high. When taken in its isolated form, CBD helps relieve many medical issues including anxiety, panic attacks, seizures, pain, and acne.

In particular, >CBD is useful for anxiety management and reducing panic attacks thanks to its effects on the brain.

CBD and the Brain

CBD has many positive effects on the brain. First, CBD improves signaling in the brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is thought to contribute to a person’s feeling of happiness and wellbeing. When your serotonin receptors are improved, your feeling of wellbeing can improve. The alternative, usually in the form of traditional antidepressants, would be to affect the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These medicines have unfavorable side effects like fatigue, nausea, drowsiness, and dizziness.

Second, CBD also helps the neurogenesis process or the creation of new neurons in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is responsible for cognition and long-term memory formation. In a 2013 Cambridge study, researchers found that mice that were given CBD were better able to resist stress than those that were not. The research revealed that the CBD mice were more resilient to stress thanks to neurogenesis encouraged by the CBD.

CBD and Reducing Fear

One of the benefits of taking CBD on its own is that there’s no THC. As we mentioned, THC is a psychoactive compound in hemp or cannabis products. While some people do enjoy the high that THC provides, it can worsen anxiety in some people, the opposite effect of what you want in a calming agent.

In some studies, CBD has shown signs of reducing symptoms of fear which is a common characteristic of panic attacks. CBD can help reduce the “fight or flight” reflex humans and animals have in the brain and reduce fear-avoidant responses to pain situations.

CBD and Involuntary Memory Retrieval

Another way CBD can prevent you from having a panic attack is through blocking involuntary or unintentional retrieval of memories. As we mentioned, panic attacks can be induced by being in your own head too much of dwelling on stressful past events. Being able to, in a sense, stop your brain from going back to those stressful events can help reduce the number of panic attacks you get.

CBD also helps increase serotonin levels which can help with panic and anxiety management. Reduced levels of anxiety mean fewer panic attacks.

Will CBD Work For Me?

Now that you know how CBD works, you might have questions about how it will work in relation to you and your situation. There are a few things you should consider before purchasing CBD:

  • Are there any legal restrictions on cannabis-derived CBD oil in my state?
  • What’s more important – strength or price?
  • Do I actually have an anxiety disorder or just daily stress?
  • Do I want THC with my CBD?
  • Will I use CBD at home or on the go?

Once you have these questions answered, you can figure out which product will be best for you. These CBD oils can come in a variety of forms. You should choose the one that will fit in best for how you plan to use it. You can find these types of CBD products from your local or online distillery:

  • Bottle of oil with dropper
  • Salve
  • Vape cartridges
  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Powder

If you plan on using the oil at home, a dropper bottle is a great option so you can massage the oil into your skin. If you plan on having CBD on the go, gummies or a vape cartridge might be better options.

Success Stories

Before trying something new, most of us like to hear about how that item was successfully used with others. If you’re nervous about trying CBD, ask your friends if any of them have tried it. Ask them questions about the form of CBD they take, the brand, and if their symptoms were reduced. You can also find tons of success stories online. Plenty of people with anxiety disorders have shared their CBD success online through blog posts and YouTube videos.

Goodbye to You, Panic Attack

Having a panic attack is never a pleasant experience. If you get panic attacks frequently, you’re likely always looking for a way to manage them.CBD oil a safe, natural product you can add to your panic attack arsenal. As more people become interested in CBD, it will be easier to find and more studies will reveal just how safe and beneficial it is for many ailments including panic disorders.

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