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Does CBD Oil Work for Anxiety

Cynthia tests CBD oil for anxiety

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Cynthia suffers with general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Her channel sets out to educate viewers on the treatment for anxiety, how to manage anxiety and other mental health issues.

In this video, Cynthia discusses the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD oil). At the beginning of the video, it shows a time lapse of she taking CBD oil over the course of 14 days, before she decided to share the side effects, physical symptoms and more. She carried out a two week trial run to see if it worked, and in another video she carried out a one month trial.

She takes a .50 of a tincture of CBD oil with the ratio of 28 CBD to 1 THC. Every morning, she took the CBD oil by holding it under her tongue for 30 seconds and then ingesting it, but she didn’t take the oil when she had symptoms of anxiety, or panic attacks.

Three days into the trail, Cynthia had a panic attack, but states that she wasn’t judging the use of the cannabis oil on her panic attacks, rather judging it on her anxiety. She explains that the oil didn’t help her panic attacks but it calmed her anxiety. Usually twice to three times a week, she is kept up during the night due to her panic attacks, but noticed a decrease, and may only experience one a week since the CBD oil treatment.

CBD oil has partly worked for Cynthia, but rather than hold it under her tongue for 30 seconds, for the next two week trial she will hold it under her tongue for 90 seconds, and then do a months review to discuss the benefits. She’s hesitant that she may not have found the right oil, and will go to a dispensary to seek more information on what might be right for her.Cynthia has high hopes for cannabis oil, even though she has only seen small benefits, and has had zero side effects from taking the oil.

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