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CBD Oil Review For Anxiety Including Side Effects

CBD oil side effects and review for anxiety

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Published: 2nd March 2017

This video will provide you with an insight into a review from Carla who was using CBD capsules 10mg and a CBD spray 3mg for 2 months to help with mood, anxiety, sleep, pain and energy levels. She used the products in relation to how much she felt she needed i.e. if she needed 10mg she would use the capsules if she needed less she would use the 3mg spray.

Carla’s Story
Carlas daily dosage was a work in progress. At the moment she take 10-20 mgs daily varying from capsule to spray. This is because in the beginning she had to work out “her balance” for CBD, because everyone is different and everyone can deal with different amounts of CBD. Carla will take CBD depending on how she feels. Sometimes she can go days without needing CBD.

In the past when Carla took a dosage of 30mg it made her feel jittery which was good because this feeling was very energetic for her and she felt like she had to get up and go. She had been very lethargic and unproductive before this and CBD helped with this. The downside to this however was that it affected her sleep pattern. Carla found it hard to sleep before 3am. She fixed this problem by staying off CBD for a fews days until her sleep got better. In future she will take a slightly smaller dosage. She points out that everyone is different when it comes to CBD her friend is fine when taking 60mg per day.

She is still very calm and feels in a good mood. The fact that she make the videos for her youtube channel proves it is working because her anxiety would hold her back from making videos. The fact that it has helped her in a positive way makes her frustrated that it is classified as a controlled substance by the government.

As mentioned before when she takes CBD it allows her to focus better and as a result her productivity is a lot better. If she ever feels like she needs a boost of energy she will use the spray to help her get back to work.

Like before she did have sleep problems when taking too much CBD but after altering her dosage her sleep is better. Although she has noticed that she does not have many dreams which she does miss.

Carla points out that her mood is in a much more stable position because she used to suffer from mood swings. In social situations people would annoy her when trying to talk to her and she was busy thinking about things.

After using CBD Carla no longer feels pain from niggling issues but most importantly for women she no longer gets cramps from her menstrual cycle. Based on this evidence it would be fair to say CBD oil can help with menstrual cramps and pain felt from menstrual cramps.

Side Effects
Time goes by a lot slower. For Carla this is a good thing because when she suffered from Anxiety time would fly and she felt like she missed out on a whole day. She does get dry mouth but it isn’t an issue as she simply drinks water to resolve that.

Overall it would appear that Carla has had a very positive experience with CBD oil. She did have a few issues in the beginning due to dosage but after trial and error she was able to sort that out herself. In the future medical institutions should be able to easily resolve this issue when more research is allowed to be carried out.

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