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CBD Oil for Anxiety – 2 Month Review & Side Effects

2 month review on CBD oil for anxiety

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Carla has been suffering with anxiety, and has created a vlog to document her life while taking CBD oil. Carla has been taking CBD oil for 2 months so she decided to created this video to give an update on her CBD oil intak and the over all benefits that it has had on her quality of life.

Since Carla started taking CBD oil she hasn’t changed her dosage. She still takes 20-30 milligrams. She’s recently felt that she hasn’t had to rely on the cannabis oil very much, but when she does rely on it which is on the days her anixety is high, she may take too much. She decribed that by aher taking too much, results in feeling jittery. She realised that by taking over her recommended dosage, it resulted in giving her a boost of energy. Carla said that, this was a great side-effect as it has also helped her ADD. She felt that she was focused and was productive and got things done that she procrastinated on for a long time, and still manged to have a lot of engery afterwards. The only downfall she said was that she struggled to sleep at night because she was so energised.

She stopped taking the oil for a while, and got into a better sleeping pattern, she has realised that 30ml is too high of a dosage for her, but everyone is different. Aside from her anxiety, she has noticed a boost in her mood, and she is happy to say that she has more of a postive outlook because she is putting a lot of her thoughts on hold sub-conciously.

She hasn’t experienced any physical pain, including cramp pains from her period, and recommended that women who suffer with really bad cramps should look into getting CBD oil.

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