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CBD for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic Attacks

CBD for Panic Attacks, PTSD and anxiety

Video credit: Foods That Heal You Catherine

In this video Catherine, a Certified Nutritionist, talks about how CBD oil can help you manage stress, PTSD or panic attacks. Catherine explains how the body reacts to stress and how you can use CBD to manage this. CBD supports the adrenal glands and balances your hormones. It lowers your cortisol and reduces the risk of illness by reducing stress that causes it.

Catherines Views on Using Medical Cannabis

Catherine states you can use personal preference when choosing what CBD product works for you. She likes the vape. The vape is relaxing and works fast. Some people use it just a few times a day and some like to use it every few hours throughout the day. If you are on the go she recommends CBD hemp oil drops. The CBD hemp oil drops taste good and are especially useful for kids. Catherine recommends pure CBD oil concentrates These CBD oils are full spectrum.

This means that in addition to CBD they contain essential vitamins and minerals. CBD oils have a longer lasting effect during the day, compared to the vape. When choosing what CBD oil to take remember a higher concentration can help if you suffer from severe stress as a result of panic attacks or PTSD.

Foods That Heal You Catherine explains that we accumulate stress over time in what she calls “stress buckets”. Eventually, we need to empty the stress buckets and deal with the causes of our stress and anxiety. She explains that while you deal with the causes of stress you can use CBD to support your body in healing and preventing stress. To relax and calm you. Products such as full spectrum CBD can calm the body and build it up with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids.

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