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Can CBD Calm the Anxieties of a Modern World?

CBD oil to help treat anxieties of the modern world

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In today’s world, anxiety is at an all-time high. But could CBD be the treatment of the future? Keep reading to learn about how CBD calms anxiety. Are you one of the over 40 million Americans currently struggling with anxiety? If so, then we know you’ve likely tried just about everything to get the feelings of stress and fear under control. And while things like positive affirmations and spending time with friends and family might make you feel better temporarily?

Often, your anxiety quickly comes right back, even worse than before. Are you tired of dealing with the symptoms of anxiety? Can you feel yourself withdrawing from your social life, losing sleep, and even dealing with the physical consequences of stress? If so, know that you do have options when it comes to treatment. One of the most effective? CBD.

How CBD Calms Anxiety

So, how exactly does CBD work to rewire your brain? And how is that CBD calms your nerves and help you to better manage the symptoms of anxiety? It all begins in your body’s serotonin system. Serotonin is a natural chemical created in your body that helps you to manage your mood and gauge how you respond to outside stressors. Think of it as a “feel-good” chemical, somewhat akin to a runner’s high. Serotonin can also impact your appetite, your sleeping schedule, and even helps to regulate the neurotransmitters in your brain. This last point is especially important.

When your body’s serotonin levels are out of whack, you’re much more likely to have extreme responses to minor stressors. You may notice that you also have trouble controlling your anger and that you can’t seem to stop dwelling on your problems. CBD calms your body and mind down by regulating those Serotonin levels.

The 5-HT1A Receptor

One of the major places in your body where Serotonin is stored is called the 5-HT1A receptor. However, if your 5-HT1A receptor doesn’t produce enough Serotonin, then your brain won’t be able to help you regulate your emotions. This production is what more traditional forms of pharmaceutical anti-depressants help to stimulate. However, these medications often come with serious and even frightening side effects.

Luckily, CBD calms your anxiety by helping your 5-HT1A receptor to create more Serotonin naturally, without the need for SSRIs and other types of mood stabilizing drugs.

Your Hippocampus And CBD

Another way that CBD calms your anxiety? By rewiring the signals in your brain in addition to helping your body regulate its hormonal balance. Your brain contains an area called the hippocampus, which can help you to create memories and respond to potential threats. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, your hippocampus is likely much smaller than is normal. This means that your hippocampus doesn’t have the space or the power to create as many neurons as your brain needs to be able to process information.

CBD calms this anxiety by helping to stimulate neuron production within the hippocampus. The more neurons you have, the less likely you’ll feel depressed because your brain is able to properly move past things and create positive connotations with specific memories.


Finally, let’s discuss the role of Endocannabinoids in stress and anxiety, and how CBD calms you down by strengthening them. Your body creates these natural Endocannabinoids on its own — and like Serotonin, they help you to regulate your mood. Endocannabinoids are also responsible for creating that “fight or flight” response within our bodies. This means that, if you often find yourself overreacting to or dwelling on certain situations, your body likely isn’t making enough Endocannabinoids.

Luckily, CBD calms you down by acting as a kind of natural booster for your body’s Endocannabinoids. The cannabinoids in CBD combine with those in your body, making them stronger and also making their effects last for longer than normal.

This means that your mood will be more stable, and that you may even feel less tired as a result of CBD. Especially if your depression and racing thoughts keep you up at night, we strongly suggest giving CBD and other cannabis products a try. For best results, cannabis experts recommend taking about three hits off of your favorite strain about an hour before bedtime. Any more than that, and you may wake up with a bit of a weed hangover.

What If Cannabis Makes Me Anxious?

Of course, not everyone is so sure about whether or not using cannabis to manage their anxiety is really the best choice. Many people claim that marijuana can sometimes spike their anxiety. In addition to feeling out of control from the high, they also find themselves falling into patterns of obsessive thoughts and extreme stress. This certainly isn’t ideal. It’s all related to how CBD calms anxiety — especially as it relates to THC.

Understanding THC

Marijuana has two main components: THC and CBD. While CBD calms you down and helps you to better regulate your emotions, THC has been known to sometimes have the opposite effect. Especially if you choose a strain with a high THC content, you might find that cannabis can actually raise your stress level. So, when you’re shopping, look instead for strains with a high CBD content, which is much more effective in managing your anxiety.

Keep in mind that, unlike its THC cousin, CBD is not a psychoactive component. When you choose a strain rich in CBD, you won’t deal with as much of an extreme high as you might with a more THC-based strain. This means you’ll be able to return to your normal activities, get more rest, and stop the bad thoughts from spinning around in your head.

The Right Strains For Anxiety

Now that you have a better understanding of how CBD calms anxiety, let’s take a look at some of the most popular strains for anxiety on the market today. Keep in mind that you may need to try several different strains to find one that’s right for you. Also, consider whether you’d prefer the feeling of a body high or a mind high, or if you’d like a strain that gives you a blend of both.

Incredible Hulk

Anything that’s named after the Hulkster has to be good. This Sativa strain has a higher THC content of between 15-20%, with a low CBD content of between 0.1-0.4%. This strain has been known to give long-lasting highs and can lead to feelings of couch lock. So, make sure that you don’t try out this strain before a big day at work or when you’ll need to be on your feet all day. Especially if you suffer from social anxiety, you’ll love the effects of this strain.

Cherry Pie

If you prefer an Indica strain, then you can’t go wrong with a nice slice of Cherry Pie. It has a CBD content of 1%, and a THC content of somewhere between 18-19%. Unlike Incredible Hulk, this strain will boost your energy and give you some extra creative inspiration. It’s especially awesome to take before either playing in or attending a concert — but be sure to pack a snack, as it also causes the munchies.

Sleestack X Skunk

Looking for a blend between a mind and a body high? If so, then it’s likely that the hybrid strain Sleestack X Skunk will be your best bet. It comes with a THC content of up to 22%, while the CBD content hovers between 0.2-0.4%. If you want to feel seriously stoned and experience a more “classic” high, you’ll love this strain. You should also expect to feel a few tingling sensations throughout your body, so don’t be alarmed if you do.

Want To Learn More About How CBD Calms Anxiety?

If you have anxiety, we know that even doing the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming. However, there’s no longer any reason to deal with the racing, negative thoughts, the physical pain that comes from holding tension, and the withdrawal from your social life any longer.

Looking to learn more about how cannabis helps you to manage anxiety and other mental illnesses? Spend some time on our website and blog to access a wealth of studies and articles about how CBD calms down different stressors in your life.

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