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Anxiety as a disorder is more common in today’s world than others. There are plenty of arguments and theories as to why, but the fact remains that it’s here now, and it’s a problem for many of us.

Anxiety attacks can be embarrassing, and when experiencing one, the last thing we want to worry about is what other people think. Support from friend and family helps, but in terms of us functioning ‘normally’, we really need a reliable solution; preferably one that won’t cause health problems later in life.

Anxiety as a passing emotion is uncomfortable. As a disorder, it’s life affecting. To anyone that has never had an anxiety attack, it probably seems a little over exaggerated. How can being anxious about anxiety result in dizziness, sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations and a need to escape?

The extrovert, or even a relatively introverted person, may still look upon social anxiety as someone ‘just being weak’. Anxiety is a serious issue for up to a third of the population.

For some people, they may only develop an anxiety disorder for a short period during the course of their lives. However the nature of the condition is generally chronic, with a decrease in prevalence as people get older.

CBD and medical cannabis, when used correctly, have significant scientific evidence supporting their use and effectiveness as an anxiolytic. This doesn’t mean it works for everyone, but it does give us a good reason to read the research and ask the questions. This way, we can make well informed decisions that may change our lives for the better.