Why I Changed My Mind About Medicinal Cannabis: Hugh Hempel

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Hugh Hempel is a technology industry veteran who turned into a health care entrepreneur. He has 11 year old twin girls, Addie and Cassie who where diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, Childhood Alzheimer’s disease.

The symptoms for Niemann-Pick Type C, Childhood Alzheimer’s disease consists of:

  • seizures
  • liver failure without neurologic symptoms
  • jaundice at birth
  • early lung involvement without neurologic disease
  • early development of neurological problems
  • delayed motor development beginning before age 2
  • progressive liver failure starting in infancy
  • low muscle tone

Huge and his wife were told that Addie and Cassie would be lucky to see their 12th birthday. The two girls have been involved in a new experiment involving and 8 hour procedure of cyclodextrin being introduced into their bloodstream. A week later, their spine is punctured to allow the cyclodextrin reach the brain. This treatment is said to slow down the process of neurodegenerative.

Huge’s only issue is that this treatment doesn’t help the girls with their seizures that they experience daily. They had given the girls traditional pharmaceutical medicine for the seizures, some worked, and some didn’t. Huge described most of these medicines as having a zombie like side effect on the kids.

Huge and his wife found that cannabis was being used on other children who had suffered with seizures, so they were interested. They pursue cannabis in the girls treatment.

The girls are treated with cannabis oil every day, three times a day and managed to reduce the amount of traditional pharmaceutical medicine the girls take. Now they have fewer and short seizures and are no longer “little zombies”.

Through Huge’s children’s good progress, he started to think about other children over the United States who are epileptic or seizure disorder sufferers. So he took the knowledge from what he learned through his girls and turned it into a commercial business.

He believes that there is a mountain of evidence that Cannabis plants are useful.

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