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Treating Dementia with CBD

CBD for Dementia

Credit: The Farmacy
Published: 12th October 2017

In this video we hear from Sandy whose mother was diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a chronic/persistent mental disorder caused by brian disease or injury. Symptoms of dementia can be memory loss, changes in personality and impaired reasoning. It is a very difficult disease to deal with and many families struggle to cope. For example Sandy’s mother dealt with memory loss, grouchiness, confusion and even had suicidal thoughts.

Sandy’s mother had to take medication for anxiety, among others but they were only given to control the dementia. None of the medications provided an emotional, physical or mental change for Sandy’s mother.

The interviewer Danielle Blair (The Queen of CBD) who opened one of the first CBD boutiques in Canada recommended CBD oil to Sandy to help with her mother’s dementia.
Sandy decided to try the CBD oil on her mother and reported that in 45 minutes her mother began to show changes in her mental stability.

After 45 minutes her mother said “I can think, I can think clearly, I am here for lunch”. This was an amazing immediate change for Sandy’s mother. The strain in her face had gone and she was now communicating properly whereas before she would struggle to remember her name.

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