Treating Dementia with CBD

CBD for Dementia

Dementia is one medical condition that doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone has been effected by the often severe degenerative condition which is affecting an estimated 5.7 million Americans today.

However, the typical loss of memory which is a common and perfectly natural side effect of old age is often confused with dementia. Many people assume that their loved one is suffering with the condition, when in fact they aren’t.

This means that a huge number of those suffering from dementia today aren’t receiving the treatment they need and cannabis is becoming a larger player in that treatment than ever before.

Symptoms and Causes of Dementia

Dementia in itself is not a disease, but rather a symptom of an underlying condition. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for the vast majority of dementia cases. In fact, it’s believed that 80% of dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s.

However it can also be caused by traumatic brain injuries, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. Because dementia is a sign of something more serious beneath the surface, it’s vital to know the signs of the condition. Dementia stands out from natural memory loss in a number of ways. These include:

  • Dementia patients experience disorientation regularly and become very confused by the simplest of things, such as the date.
  • Dementia often causes extreme changes to personality traits and behaviors. It can render a person almost unrecognizable in severe cases
  • People with dementia will lose things regularly, even things that they use a lot will turn up in very strange places.
  • Dementia can often change a person’s judgement. People with dementia may become very reckless and uninhibited.
  • Anxiety is a very common side effect of dementia. Patients will usually be very agitated, nervous and restless.

Knowing what signs to look out for can help a friend or family member to identify when dementia is present, and make an appointment with a medical professional. Then, a diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment begun.

Using Cannabis to Treat Dementia

Although cannabis is not yet an FDA approved treatment for dementia, countless people have used it as an experimental home treatment for decades. In a similar way, people have been using cannabis to treat their anxiety for much longer. In fact, cannabis has been used to stabilize mood and treat anxiety for hundreds of years, according to historians.

Ongoing clinical trials are currently investigating the effects of cannabis and the chemicals it contains on dementia. While the results of these studies are far from conclusive, many have resulted in very promising findings.

As the number of states who have legalized medical cannabis grows, so too does the amount of research being conducted into the use of cannabis as a treatment for a whole host of conditions. Cannabis for dementia is just one area of research which is producing encouraging data.

Unfortunately, many people remain skeptical regarding the value of cannabis as a medicine, although there is undoubtedly a shift in attitudes toward cannabis across the United States. This trend is set to continue, and coupled with the exciting research which continues, paints a promising picture of the future of dementia treatment in America.

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