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Treating Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Interview On CBD and Its Benefits

Treating Dementia and Alzheimer's - Interview On The Effects of CBD and Benefits On Mental illnes

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Danielle Blair (the queen of CBD) is the owner of Calyx Wellness Center in Toronto, Canada. Danielle explains that “CBD oil is known to be a natural/holistic solution to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

In this video Danielle Blair interviews a lady named Sandy about the benefits of CBD oil and the effects it has on Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disease. Sandy has had person experience with Dementia because her mother has been suffering from it for a period of time.

Living with Dementia

Sandy’s mother is 91 years old who has lived alone for a long time. She has always been very healthy, until a few years ago, when she was diagnosed with dementia. She is on medication for anxiety, and Sandy is aware that this is not suffice but was told that doctors can only control the disease, they can not terminate it. Sandy’s mother has been on many different types of medication, and Sandy states that she hasn’t been able to see any significant improvement on her mother. Whether it may be emotional or physical improvement.

Sandy explains dementia, and the symptoms dementia patients may experience such as memory loss, grouchiness, confusion and suicidal tendencies. Sandy got in contact with Danielle, and explained her mother’s situation. Danielle was immediately interested and wanted Sandy’s mother to try CBD oil. Sandy expresses her gratitude for having found Danielle, and praises her for helping her mother.

Sandy’s mother took her first dosage of CBD oil, Sandy said that her mother felt the effects of the oil 45 minutes later. She explained the her mother was slightly confused, but she in fact noticed a difference, she could think clearly again. Sandy is happy and relieved to see that her mother can complete a sentence, and can sew again, and have a normal quality of life.

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