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Researchers Investigate Cannabis Compounds to Treat Dementia

Cannabis Treats Dementia

In this 05 KPIX segment on CBD and Alzheimer’s, discusses the illegality and medicinal potential of medical cannabis, specifically CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that has neuroprotective properties.

Much of the segment was on Lucy Hanson and her CBD capsules which she charmingly calls her “happy pills.” According to the video, “not too long ago Lucy was confused, falling down, and speaking gibberish” so her daughter took her to see a neurologist. Lucy was diagnosed with advanced dementia. Lucy’s daughter reflects, “we thought we would only have her for another six months.” Fortunately, they met with nurse practitioner Eloise Thiessen who specialized in cannabis medicine. Lucy feels she has been given back her life.

Roger Braun and his brother speak of their mother’s dementia diagnosis. They say doctors tried to treat their mother with antipsychotic drugs. She was already in a “fragile state” and the medicine made her worse. The brothers decided to convince their family to let them try CBD treatment for their mother. They said her “personality returned [and] her agitation and insomnia disappeared” miraculously. The newest studies on how cannabis has neuroprotective effects are promising. CBD is able to manage to amyloid (a toxic protein) development and slow down the killing of neurons.

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